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  1. Edit: This seems to have been rectified. Torrents are flowing like the rain outside my window. Looks like at least the web portion of the tracker is offline. I'm unable to pull the torrents to start seeding as well.
  2. Thanks for the opportunity. A shame I can't upgrade my tix for Chicago should I win, since that's the show I'm headed to this weekend. Either way, sign me up, and thanks for the chance to win!
  3. Going to have to say I agree with you on your review on the whole. The rhythm is so compressed that I initially thought it was a synth until I read the exacting detail of how this was recorded, and it overwhelms the lead, which in the source material is so powerful and emotion-stirring. The source immediately evokes a feeling of respect that is reserved for weapons of mass destruction, where this feels more like an automated assembly plant: a cacophony of noise created as machines solder, rivet, and transform raw materials into heavy construction equipment.
  4. I'm really jealous. This is far better than the WIP in my very, very, very large bins of WIPs. I've always been a big fan of BGC's stuff though, so I really shouldn't be that surprised.
  5. I had a chance to listen to this mix early on, and I must say I enjoyed it then as I do now. The repetitiveness of it can be an issue, but Jill's vocals and lyrics do help to make this track the experience that it is. The dreamy feel to it cinches the longing of the piece. A great forray into the world of a solo OCRemix for Pixietricks, and I can't way to hear more from her.
  6. If you're a fan of the *nix side of things, you might be interested in this. UbuntuStudio is a side-distro of Ubuntu, the popular desktop flavor of Linux, designed for the Audio/Visual professional. The key app that I can find on the Ubuntu Wiki to be implimented for audio is Wired, and while I haven't given it a shot yet, it looks pretty nice. Either way, it's a distro that for the budding remixer that, if presented well, might be a great way to go to give mixing a shot with free tools.
  7. However, I do know of a fellow podcaster that heard of your show through PodcastAlley.com. Shocker, mmm?
  8. Wow. The utter symbiosis of both songs, the ethnic-yet-electronic instrumentation, and even the religious light of the song, which Xenogears is extremely involved with, makes this song a perfect representation of Xenogears. If you've never played the game, listen to this song. If you like it, play the game. This song is, however, only the next evolution in Star's ability. As we've seen that when he started using vocals in IncredibleSingingRobot, this is a new level in OCRemixing. This being his third song on OCR to feature vocals, it's only logical that he's gotten better. What's awesome is that the words seem only to convey a more accurate feel... or theme, and less of the text refference, although we know from what he's chosen that the text does have meaning. Star, once again another quality piece. Well done. What's next?
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