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  1. Splice the end of the instrumental version onto the main song? Personally my only issue with the part at the end is that it really could have benefited from a better microphone. I'll admit my tiny headphones dont help much but it comes out sounding a little telephonish.
  2. Ontopic: Went right into the "favorites" folder of my mp3 player. I'd like to see this resung after Shonen spends a few months getting singing lessons from pixietricks >P
  3. Has ikaruga been mentioned yet? Anything from level 3 onwards.
  4. The Forward Base in Starlancer for the dreamcast. It CAN die... eventually.
  5. (nice avatar, its zanoske) surprised nobody has mentioned the final boss in sonic adventure one, that robotnik snake machine thing was a BITCH.
  6. hmmmmmm..... nihilanth. that fucker teleports you into pain mazes, he shoots energy balls at you, and he is fucking INVINCIBLE until you kill these 3 crystals in his...tomb thingy. [edit] on a sidenote, whats the biggest monster youv ever seen in a game (pc only, i mean like in those mmorpg's)
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