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  1. One half of me wants to give heartfelt congratulations. The other half wants to throttle him for setting the bar that much #@%^in higher for the rest of us when WE propose. I'm betting this one's from the Y chromosome >P
  2. 100 free games and most of them don't suck either. Neowin Freeware Alternative list for programs.
  3. Depending on your school and teachers it's really just SSDD with hopefully more reasonable people.
  4. I just heard of this now, and it seems you're already on your way to recovering so I don't think it's a terribly innapropriate time to point out that even though this is a terrible ailment it's still an inflammation of the colon, which means that once you're better you will NEVER run out of ass-jokes again.
  5. At the risk of getting drawn and quartered with spoons I always found both FEAR and Half-life to have absolutely intolerable music. FEAR because however good anything else in it was it always seemed to have that horrible grinding loop going even when you turned the music off, and half-life 1 because the music always seemed so intrusive and innapropriate for whatever was happening in the game whenever I turned it on. Actually most first person shooter's seem to have that problem come to think of it...
  6. Am I the only one that played The Hulk on the sega genesis? Somebody else must remember it, if only for it having the easiest final boss EVER.
  7. the problem is that banner really WAS an emo little shit a lot of the time.
  8. No, then it's blurry, still pretty low-res, and it's stretched and distorted. 1600x1200 with hq2x on kega fusion will have you wondering if sonic HD is really necessary. OLED is a type of LED, and DLP is basically a type of projection. the wikipedia page for each is your best source of info. Personally I'm banking on OLED since DLP never looks right to me and I don't see SED or FED coming out anytime soon.
  9. Anyone remember Megaman... 7 i think.... where you had to enter passwords as red dots in this bigass grid? The idle screen would usually flash one really fast before playing a demo.
  10. dnkroz/dncornholio dntodd dnallen dncosmo dnbeta dnscotty ---- ECC/dipstick GOO/Goobers L84/Gogates EKG Lee/Maestro WWW/Chojin God/Toosad Dog/Woof Flyboy badtrip boing bum/slacker die/86me shootme burnme lungdung sixtoys huntpack johnwoo plugme vanilla hottimes booze firebomb bones seeya split kesofdeath homerun cujo >P
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uwe_Boll#Financing Don't listen to that man, he spews cliches and unrealistic propositions.
  12. Because about 10 years ago when I started using this name most places had a 15 character limit and "Shadow of Eternity" is too long.
  13. From Slashfilm and Slashdot. Do Your Part, OCR! p.s. that picture was a link
  14. Just enjoy the fact that Jack Thompson now finds his mortal enemies around every corner: Somebody that knows something about anything.
  15. When you have a hammer everything looks like a nail, when you have an ass everything feels like shit.
  16. Forget pranks and whatnot, talk to his mom. Show up with absolute proof that he's stealing shit and if his mom doesn't refuse to believe you then chances are he's grounded until he's 18. oh and btw:
  17. He's 14, not 4, that's not a "little kid" that still hasn't figured out what "stealing" means.
  18. What the FUCK?! [edit] I'm heading to gamestop, i want to get DN3D before the pre-order guys take all the first copies.
  19. I still want a copy of the version of the game that exists only in their heads.
  20. Lets see. Fox news has the 4chan special ("terrorist hackers on steroids") and now this. CNN has the john cena interview that they fucked with. Yep, comics are the only thing related to the news worth my time.
  21. Believe it or not there are Worse Things than syoban action.
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