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  1. Methinks that too many people are approaching this thinking that it will be used as a weapon against innocent (and properly credited) use by the Pretzel rather than just to protect his dudes. Say it with me: OCR is not Microsoft/amazon/RIAA.
  2. It's never too late to goatse someone.
  3. ^^^ completely forgot about that. If you buy some good heatsinks for computer Water Cooling you could actually maked a closed circuit version. Water cooling on computers is designed to remove upwards of 150F worth of heat from the water to keep an overclocked processor cool, that should be MORE than enough to maintain a closed loop version of the ghetto-fanAC.
  4. The Betting Pool on how long he can survive saying things like this in front of a mother will now commence.
  5. Vertical tower fans also do something regular fans suck at, they move air accurately and efficiently. Those things give a solid column of air moving straight out from their exit that will travel fairly coherently for an impressive distance. Regular fans... not so impressive.
  6. Theoretically you may have some legal leverage against your landlord. I don't know what the law is like up there but down here in florida if your landlord refuses to let you get decent air conditioning you've got a good case against the bastard. That aside I would suggest getting some good quality window air conditioners and then hacking together a stand, drainage pipe, and some kind of airtight seal connecting it to the window. It should (again, theoretically) function just as though it were sitting in the window normally. I think there are also units out there that are designed for use with barred windows and have a really small hanging bit. [edit] And evaporative coolers suck. You're basically harnessing the awe inspiring power of a bucket of water and a fan. You'll also be getting a solid 80-90% humidity in your apartment if you go with that. Not only is it uncomfortable as hell but it's going to make dealing with mold a bitch. You're also going to get condensation all over anything lower than ambient temperature which, given the nature of the system, will be just about everything you do NOT want having water condense on it. The motherboard I had before this one died partially due to heat death and partially because of condensation frying it. It's a really nice concept, and it works decently for some industrial applications, but there are just too many risks and downsides for it to be useable for any place you want to live in. Put it this way: I live in an apartment that basically has no AC at all during the day, in orlando, and we're going to wait for the right AC system to arrive rather than deal with evaps.
  7. I wonder what would happen if he ever saw unmod...
  8. Isn't pixietricks married too?
  9. Friends don't delete unmod. (had to say it)
  10. I am the sole non-staff posessor of the code that turns any phone plugged into a wall-socket at the school into a speaker for the PA system.
  11. Actually it's blonde with green eyes and afaik they both got the idea from an old hercules style myth about a powerful golden warrior.
  12. "My dearly beloved, up up down down left right left right B-A start"
  13. So who else had the mental image of a room with a boarded up doorway that had "unmod" scrawled on it?
  14. A figment of your imagination. Everybody knows girls don't exist on the internet.
  15. I would heartily attend the estrogenated one's recital, but I just looked at how far away baltimore is from disney-town and the local temperature (Fuck Degrees) as compared to what i'm used to. If you ever come down to do that mouth-noise-making thing here in florida though I'll try to show up.
  16. Why bilinear filtering? It probably wouldn't be that hard to get anisotropic filtering working in an emulator.
  17. [edit] wrong tab. comment for this thread follows: This is going to get ugly...
  18. holy fuck m8. got to wonder why that can't happen to MY school though (when nobody is there of course).
  19. This made it though but Darkness Dawning got busted for being too similar to the original?
  20. It's browser based, and "updates" at 1am EST.
  21. The world war is actually pretty simple to explain. The forum moderation and the game's admin are biased towards favoring the NPO (an alliance). The NPO are a bunch of elitist assholes who go around spamming threads with "HAIL EMPEROR IVAN!" and general dickery, because they can get away with it. Just recently someone who was kicked out of another alliance called the LUE posted some goatse and other disgusting, but somewhat humorous in light of the NPO's attitude, crap on the forums. The NPO started throwing nukes at the LUE and GATO, the oldest alliance in cybernations, was bound by their Mututal Defense Pact to help the LUE. As well as a good set of morals. The NPO has a long history of just starting wars over random crap and then at the end demanding incredible amounts of money and tech (very expensive) in reparations. Combined with their asshattery most of cybernations has gone to war with them. SO far its; GATO-LUE-GGA-GPA-ODN-UDU and more against NPO-NpO-IGC. The IGC just dropped out though afaik, and the NpO is a puppet alliance. It gets better though, a cabal called the Coven of the Lost has been sneaking around and basically recording history. AAAaaaand thats basically the story of the 3rd cyberworld war. [edit] Forgot to mention, since the war started the NPO has been accusing everyone not shouting "HAIL IVAN" of supporting rape in real life.
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