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  1. ok ok this is some funny stuff here! Whether the people above me think so or not! I doubt it's meant to be taken seriously and it's just to have alittle fun! I mean just loosen up and listen to the song. It's really funny! Any song that can mention groin that many times and get away with it is an instant favorite in my book! Oh, and zircon. Maybe you should read dj pretzel's review of this song again. Apparently he enjoys it! -The Diabetic Knight
  2. Delightful Spekkio!!! Wow! You don't know how happy I am to hear a remix of this song!! It's so HAPPY and GOOFY!!!! hahaha Very very nice ambient feel in the beginning and then going into a happy melody that makes you want to get up and dance! This song is an instant favorite for me and should be for all other lovers of Chrono Trigger! Wow, can't get enough of this song! -The Diabetic Knight
  3. YAY!!!! Someone remixed Forever Rachel!!!!! I've been waiting forever for something like this. And I can greatfully say I was not let down! Very very beautiful the whole way through and the harp is great. I hope to hear more remixes from you! This is one of my personal favorites! I hope many other people remix this song! It is definately worthy to be remixed again! -The Diabetic Knight
  4. Gotta love this song! It's very fluid and smooth and very relaxing in the beginning! But then it starts to pick up speed into a racing battle anthem! I can't get enough of it! pure pure genius. And it sounds much like something out of the Lunar series. And I love the Lunar soundtracks! I can't wait to hear more music like this! -The Diabetic Knight
  5. Wow! I must say this is an awesome remix! Very very risky and bold. The lyrics you've written are incredibly awesome! Yeah yeah some people have been complaining about your singing, but hey it's all good, nothing's perfect and I still love to listen to this song! Gotta love the guitar too man! I love how you go from a soft, romantic guitar to a raging hard rock melody!!! This is great stuff my friend! I hope to hear more from you Silent and keep up the good work! Hey, don't be shy to use this for the ladies now! hahaha I bet it would work! -The Diabetic Knight
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