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  1. Thank you Gecko! I loved your 'SID of Rage' mix, and this one came and backed it right up. Awesome stuff here, definately a keeper.
  2. I'm impressed! I was holding my standards high for the next Ziwtra mix, and I'm really happy it was another SoM mix, as I've loved that OST since 1993. I don't think many other people have remixed these, and its a fresh change. It makes me get all goosebumpy and nostalgic, as all the other good SoM mixes have. Nice work, Ziwtra. Hope to see more from you soon. Please do more Secret of Mana!
  3. I dont know why some people said this doesnt belong here...I dont like the game (FFX), but even I dig this mix. I know the tune, because my brother played the game, and I have to say, this is a nice take on it. Good job Russell.
  4. I can only imagine how much time went into tweaking the computer voice for this song, i mean really..amazing. I have to give it to you, Joe. This is excellent work, I'd like to see another like it in the future!
  5. This mix is they personification of greatness. It is. There's no other way around it..while, to me, I can'tt see the disco in it, I'm sure there's a hint somewhere. I wouldn't recommend they change a thing. *****
  6. I've been waiting a very, very long time for this. A good remix of the first stage music of EWJ2. Protricity pulled this one off immaculately. I'm sure some woulnt enjoy this as much as if they had played the game, but having owned and beaten the game, I really, really like this mix. There's nothing I would advise you change, either. ****1/2
  7. This is just one of those pieced I think deserve to be distrubuted on a CD and payed for. Everything on this track is just amazing. After listening to it several times, I noticed the Melodies of life. I wasn't sure that's what it was completely, but then I saw someone mention it here, and my theory proved corrent. Anyway, back on topic, I wouldnt ask you to change a single thing, and I don't think Mitsuda or any of the others would either. *****
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