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  1. A very nice remix, but I agree that it would have been nicer if it lasted a bit longer.
  2. For those having trouble downloading these torrents, the problem may be with the client. I tried for hours to get it to work with my BitComet v0.58 and it simply refused to work (torrents from other sites would mostly work) . So I downloaded Azureus and gave that a try, and it worked immediately! Downloading now at 350kB/s
  3. My gf Katie says she knows you. Anyways, she sent me Light At The End Of The Tunnel a couple of months ago and I loved it;) As for Cid, very very nice indeed:) btw, if anyone's interested in more of Star's work, you can find it here: http://www.starblast.org/
  4. I like very much;) My favourite part is the beginning. Set me up the BombMan, hehe.
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