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  1. It sounds just like Phil Collins I love it! it's out there funky, and balanced well. I think the bassline never changing makes it's really sound like an 80's song by Phil. if it was all over the place, or changed at ALL REALLY, IT WOULDn't be 80's
  2. I've only been on ocremix for about 2 years, but I jave to say I've never heard a mix this... how do I say it? trip-funky. this is a wonderful work of music and art. it reminds me of playing electroplankton:P earhbound is a tough game to remix with it's strange courds and stlye, but none the less great earthbound after earthbound remix keeps poping up on ocremix.
  3. This is a great remix! I loved it! then I discovered something else... you see I use KBmedia for all of my songs and I like to play around with the tempo to hear how strange the songs sounds it's fun! but when I put the speed to 1.5 times faster for this song.... wow... It becomes one of if not the best re-mix on this site. now I know this isn't how the creator wanted the song to sound, but you should really look in to this. I've never hear harder rock in my whole life...
  4. Just to tell you I won't say what I LOVE about this mix in this post because it's pretty much been sum up in 3 pages by people before me. What I do want to say is I don't understand why some people are saying this song is funny and nothing else. Before you make a jugment like that really listen to the music they play, they do some mad cool stuff. Please people, the music in this song is what makes it so good, without it, it wouldn't be good. summary? Bad music = Bad remixes, lirics or not. This does not impilie when it comes to this re-mix.
  5. This song made me feel a lot of funky jives, but it so well done because of the fact that it had an element of punk rock in it! So I disided to use one of my own musical terms that only I and a few others use... are you ready? well, you see... this song is funky, but it's got the atitude of punk. So it's not funk, and it's not punk, it's p(h)unk you prononce the p and then the f, like (pa,funk) sweet...
  6. I love this song. did any one else notic that the evil laugh belongs to andross? (starfox) cool....... and I love the game over bit! and the using the sound effects that happen as you move around the menu bar was pure genis! OH and one more thing!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ENDING IS FUNNY AS H***!!!!!!!! nice job!, this is a classic! Know I don't know what daffy duck has to do with FF but it sounded cool. good god this is so random and evil that my brain has fried it's self out, and... well... let me just say this, never fall asleep listening to this remix... P.s(please, anyone else that noticed the whole star fox thing post!!!!)
  7. I mean, wow! This is one clocked out tune. I love the start up process that you created for this song. Even though it say that it is from the game, I've never heard it in either of the two games. And I can tell that you made it because some of what is says is complety pointless but sounds kick ass! Thank you for finally delevering a remix of one of my most favorite, classic tunes... -TrentonX "Rock on"
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