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  1. Amen to that. I like the piece...nothing fantastic, but I liked it ok. 5/10
  2. I love this piece's sound. The mixing is great, the samples are good, and as someone said before, this was the kind of music that Sunshine really could have benefitted from. When I play new Mario games, I want new music, but I also want old songs redone. I especially like the part from the intro of Super Mario RPG- I've been waiting for something just like that. Great job with the Super Mario World ending theme too...The Yoshi's Story is nice...transition was a little hesitant for my taste, but I liked it. This music makes me think of what an ending theme for an updated version of Super Mario All Stars would need (once you beat all the games within the game).
  3. Not too keen on the sample used in the beginning (for the melody). And then...the organ came in. Fantastic. Love the feel of the song. And the violin, oooh the violin! Great job. 7/10
  4. Quite impressive. Bombastic in some places, subtle in others...if Kid Icarus were on a new platform, I would expect nothing less of this caliber (spelling?) music. Bravo, jolly good. 9/10
  5. Ruby Weapon. I hated that thing more than Sephiroth...all the tactics I tried and other people suggested never worked.
  6. Nice work. DJPretzel, as usual, said everything I wish I had. Very nice sound, good rythm, nice samples...nice.
  7. What a great remix, you never cease to amaze me, DJP- The Jethro Tull influence is definitely there, and I can already see this song is making fans of Tull flip out. It's like Millenia Fair was made for Tull to cover. As someone stated earlier, I don't really hear TOO much of a Trigun influence here, though there is a slight one. Also sounds like it could've come from the Wild Arms anime series...that series obviously has a western feel to it as well... Keep up the great work DJP, and I hope the move goes well for you. I've moved quite a few times in my life, so I know it can be rather stressful.
  8. Hm. ZOE II, when you're fighting Anubis and flying to the moon in Damaged Jehuty, took me about 5 tries. btw....Zero Shifting rocks.
  9. I think DJPretzel pretty much said everything I would have. Very nice, flowing, peaceful song. I like the water drop effect in the beginning...it's obvious that a lot of time and thought went into this piece. 9.5/10
  10. All I have to say is, 9 out of 10, and this piece captures the feel of Castlevania perfectly. Bravo.
  11. Being the romantic sap that I am (laugh all you want, I can't help it) I loved the original verison of this song. What's happened in this remix is the loud strings section has been quieted to background noise, and the piano has taken over. A couple slight variations on the original melody make this piece unique, but frankly I prefer it because it's so similar to the original. So here's the deal: If you dig piano (I and my girlfriend do), or if you like songs that have that romantic feel to them, this remix is for you. If you don't fit into one of the above categories, you probably wouldn't appreciate this. ; 9/10
  12. Hmm..never heard the original version of this song, so I feel somewhat guilty reviewing it. That aside... The percussion is great. I agree with the previous posts about Dave B. (awesome music, awesome!) I wish I could get this remix with just the percussion and the chanting-voice-sound from 4:42 till 4:50. Not too keen on the other synth stuff going on...though there was a point at 3:30 with the violins that I liked. Good remix, trying something new. Can't say I care for it tooooo much, but that's my own pickiness. Anybody else should listen and judge for themselves.
  13. Very nice, I like the sax. I understand what you're saying about the surf/rock genre, you've captured quite a bit of that feel in this song. It stops a little short (though I can't put my finger on what's missing), but congrats on 1000, and this is a very worthy remix.
  14. What is there to say? This remix has got such a great sound to it that is catchy and almost haunting. Very relaxing (given this came from a sonic game) and the instruments are very, very well done. Great job!
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