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  1. Logging in after years of absence to post my kudos on this amazing mix.
  2. The name of the source track is "ZEN (Aeropolis)," not "Aeropolice" as listed in the database. Also, cheers to Rozovian for some chill F-Zero coverage!
  3. Whoa, Rayza and Aurora... cool. I came out of lurk mode to say, er, something important, but now I can't remember what it was. I guess I just wanted to say 'hi'. It's good to see y'all again.
  4. Oh man, this! I love Thoughts on a Shoreline... and G-T's sets in general. The best unts around. <3
  5. You called? Darke: dude, this is like the nerdiest idea ever. But I'm interested in seeing the results, especially if the pencil-and-paper artists contribute. Also, I'm down with NinjaN's barcode deal thing. I like the original thought, but something like what he showed seems more practical.
  6. That doesn't even make sense, bro.
  7. Just so you know, a spike is a different move altogether from a meteor smash. You can recover from a meteor smash; you cannot recover from a spike.
  8. Awesome pictures and details. I'll check the vid later. Looks like a successful meetup... always good. Wish I could've been there, but I'm here in Texas. Next time.
  9. Good stuff so far. Looks like everyone had a fun time. [EDIT] Wait wait... G-T, when you mentioned the restaurant to me earlier, you just said it was BJ's. You didn't say anything about Chicago Style BJ's. Wow. How was it, everyone? Delicious like the real thing?
  10. Hey, someone make with the meetup details. What's been going on? Y'all having a grand time?
  11. Well, there's always the "Elephant Trunk" Wiimote gun from Wario Ware. That thing is pretty cool.
  12. Haha friendlyHunter for the win. All of this 'cloud' business is absurd. What cracks me up are the posters (primarily on other boards) making fun of people who see Ridley or Master Hand, but are like "NO GUYZ THERE IS ONLY BOWSER YOU R STUPID". News flash: noone is in the damn clouds. Stop this nonsense.
  13. No, you're right. Meta Knight is depicted as having honor and good intentions. He and Kirby are usually at odds, but I wouldn't say Meta Knight is bad or evil at all. He fights for the good of Dream Land, same as Kirby. And whenever he and Kirby duel, Meta Knight honorably leaves a sword for Kirby to defend himself. I think where you get it wrong is the "evil rebellion" part. I don't see anything in the update about an evil rebellion. All I see is that Mario and Kirby decide not to fight, i.e. disobeying the rules, and have to deal with the consequences. The Halberd's part in that is unknown.
  14. Actually, I figured it was the kickback from the giant blast. Your arm naturally gets pushed up after discharging a firearm. And that's like a really big firearm.
  15. Okay, look, I was all fixing to exit this conversation, because it's not as funny when it seems the person you're jabbing doesn't understand the context of the insult. However, I'm not going to sit here when my integrity is called into question, even on LOLS INTERNETS. Face it, you overreacted. What I said was definitely incendiary, but that doesn't mean it was serious. It was a continued playful jab at you. And even if you want to go on thinking it was serious, that's fine too. Because my statement was directed at the fact that you weren't getting jokes that umm... *checks* yeah, everyone else in the thread understood. Tough, but that's how it is. I admire your passion for writing. However, an Internet forum isn't always the place for it, as you can make yourself look like a pretentious jerk pretty quickly. Just something to chew on. No, very few sane people would've taken that comment seriously. Notice how my post there is in all lowercase and looks hastily typed, in contrast to every other post of mine which strive for proper grammar and capitalization. That should throw up a flag right there, but if it doesn't, guess what: I was joking. And everyone knew it. You've gotten more flak because you've shown that you're clueless when it comes to what we were poking fun at you about. That's the way of the world, friend. Don't act all indignant when it hits you in the ass. For the record, I tend to be a really nice guy on OCR. Now, I've been lurking for about a year, so there's no way for you to have known that, but a few in here might be able to back that up. The point is, the comments I'm making are coming from a position of 1) laughs or 2) honesty, and not because I'm a douche or something. In that light, I am genuinely sorry if you took me for a mean dude; obviously that was never my intent and I was joking like everyone else. And also for the record, most of the other posters in here are generally nice too. We've been acting the way we have because you were funny/clueless (in the beginning) and annoying/out of hand (at the end). That's the truth to it, no spin. I'm done here now, thread ceased to be funny once you took everyone too seriously. It was fun, gents.
  16. Yes, from other intellectuals. That's called healthy debate, and it leads to progress. I don't know what padded room you walked out from, but I suggest you take The Damned's words to heart.
  17. And just when I figured it couldn't get any better.
  18. In regards to the responsibility comment, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Good God, apologies for that one folks... *cringe* Jack: since your humor and sarcasm meter is clearly not tuned for the likes of OCR, I'll spell it out for you: -Noone here hates you either. -I know you can't hurt a Google image, but thanks for the heads-up bud. -I called you a dumbass not because I actually feel that way, but because 90% of the comments in this thread have whizzed right over your head. -Dime store debate terms (non-sequitur? Ad hoc? Honestly, dude) don't really impress when just bandied around. That may work for other forums, but we have PPR. -LARPing is LARPing. -Oh and, if you're keeping tabs, there's only one winner here. Not you, not me, but DarkeSword.
  19. Noone's laughing here, Jacko. *pfft*... dumbass.
  20. I think it'll be okay. I have a feeling Zamus will be gimped (not Sheik-like as everyone has been assuming this whole time) but I still think she'll be selectable at the character screen by holding down the Z button, ala Sheik.
  21. no dude seriously that is bad, you should get that checked out i would have never hurt that cat it was just collateral
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