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  1. you know what would be great? If we could turn fall damage off, but keep attack damage on. That way we can build our shit without worrying about falling and dying, and still fight the baddies for fun. Also, I'd REALLY like it if our items didn't drop when we died. Because that's a whole load of fucking suck if someone can bop you on the head and take your shit.
  2. I logged in and promptly died before I could even touch the controls. It appears that since the world loads after you spawn, the 'fall' that you take while waiting for your local chunks to appear actually counts as a real fall. In other words, every time I login, I die.
  3. Game's updated, and apparently broken as fuck. Gotta wait for crow to download the new server client.
  4. Just got spawn finished before the update. Got some pics in case the update wrecks everything. Latest Compass: Facing North, mountain now completely removed: Facing south, pretty much the same: Water feature near spawn: And facing east:
  5. I hope Notch fixes the boats/minecraft lag problem in the next update. Travel is so friggin tedious when you can't do it by boat. I forgot about the lag issue and sailed right into oblivion, had to restart the game.
  6. I wouldn't let anyone on who we don't know. There's no reason randoms can't find their own server.
  7. The lower deck of my boat is pretty big and nice looking, if you want to do races it's nice and contained in there. Would be trouble getting pigs in.
  8. oh, and a guaranteed spot to login would be nice Server is full apparently.
  9. In spite of my limited means, I've donated $5 US ($5.20 AUD) simply because I spend so much time on the server. I don't want any blocks spawned for me. I'm happy to mine everything I find. I actually request that obsidian specifically isn't handed out, as it cheapens the efforts some of us have gone to in order to collect it. Edit: If you can colour names, I'd love a green or purple name.
  10. just said server is going down shortly and we'll be kicked off. I've had that message before, usually before a global update. So I guess notch is patching something.
  11. Server just shat itself and undid the last 6 hours or so of work. So proph, you gotta rewood your library again.
  12. np Hylian, I'm experimenting with tree placements for now. Try and shave the trees if you can rather than chopping them down completely. But if it ends up looking weird, just chop it and try again.
  13. This would be kind of cool to have at spawn. A boat dispenser.
  14. Spawn is redone. It's a bit prettier now with the obsidian compass in place. I ask people not to chop down any of the trees around spawn, there's a tree farm to the north (Brushfire's) that I moved. Edit: Daylight shot for more light.
  15. It's the ones on the edges that tend to bug out, as they randomly want to turn around to fast different directions. I find they're good if they're in a long row, but you can't use the end two for fear of them bugging out.
  16. Make sure you do the following: Place your furnaces away from any other blocks, except the one it sits on. There's a bug that makes your furnace eat stuff if it's next to other blocks, it's a bug in the way the game re-positions furnaces (turns them around) Once you put your coal and smelting items in, close the furnace screen, smelting won't work while you're watching. Don't check it too often as it's possible a servercheck bug can delete your stuff. Once the flames go out you should be able to grab your stuff.
  17. I'm working on making all the public areas look nicer. I'm tired of seeing ugly holes in the ground, torches randomly scattered everywhere, patchy snow where people have shovelled it carelessly. Time to clean up and straighten up I say! I just wish there wasn't that unworkable square around spawn so I could tidy up in that area.
  18. Managed to get on. somehow my client actually did revert to an older version, deleting it made it reupdate. Weird. The server is quite laggy now for some reason. Can't mine blocks without them reappearing. I guess I'll leave it for another night.
  19. Still can't get into the game. Outdated client! What gives?
  20. It was just before I posted that. Was on, then I got a server message that I was getting kicked off, and now I can't get back on. Oh well, try again tomorrow morning.
  21. Was that you who kicked me off, Crowbar? I was in for a couple of hours, now I'm getting the outdated client thing again.
  22. I downloaded the big map, but windows 7 doesnt seem to like it. Apparently it's in an 'incorrect bitmap format'
  23. Either that map is huge compared to the last one, or my stuff is way smaller than I thought it was! You can see my boat, but not really anything else. Oh well. How soon can we expect the server back up?
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