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  1. I think you're butting your head against the wall, arguing logic with Christians in that thread. I refuse to jump in as it will get out of hand. But I think the best argument against Rozovian in that thread would be to bring up other things you can't prove. He's taking for granted that his faith is correct, but what about all other religions. What about other random made-up things that you cannot prove beyond all doubt don't exist.

    When you start showing the faithful that they're just as unfaithful to every other insane made-up creature, that's when they start to think and get angry because there's no real way they can argue against it.

    Good stuff though, I do love seeing people calling out the religious on their crap.

  2. Reread my vote and I seemed to be happy enough for it to pass, so YES from me.
  3. Friiiday, Friiday, we so exciiited. Wrong song? Well this one's nearly as good. I kid, It's a little better. Excellent production, arrangement and enjoyable-to-listen-to-ness. Should've been D(j)P'ed. YES
  4. This is a NO from me, before I go into why. I straight away hear things that really need fixing up. Firstly, I'm really familiar with "Movin'" as it was one of my favourite FF8 tracks. The first minute and a bit is pretty much a hit for hit cover of Movin', with a few additions, and some different drums. Things start shaking up with parts of Battle and World Crisis coming in later. But I'm very uncomfortable with passing this when it covers Movin' so closely for the first third of the mix. I'll defer to other judges on whether or not that's a big enough issue to reject it on alone. The last two thirds is rewritten well enough that I'm happy to look past it. The biggest concern is the production though. The drums are straight-out-the-packet dry. It's not a pleasant sound, especially when I can hear that they've been written so well. They hit you hard straight away at the beginning of the song, coming out as way too loud, way too dry and a bit too muffled. You're using a drumkit, so you need to make it sound like a drumkit, rather than a bunch of samples. EQ, light distributed room reverb on separate samples and maybe a limiter will fix this up easily. Then retweak the instruments around it to make sure they're all still sounding good. That's all I want to hear to pass this. Whether or not other judges are unhappy with the use of Movin' is up to them.
  5. I think the arrangement is fine. It's a personal taste thing more than an ultimate "Do it this way" thing. Things got ugly for me around the middle of the song. Feels like it's out of key. But the majority of the song is eerie, calming and has a "Cool" sound to it. The sort of music I could see djp listening to while cruising around in a convertible wearing sunglasses. The source is clear as well, just to cover that aspect. Nice work. I don't know the difference between this and the version that got rejected, but this one is great. YES
  6. Does anyone know of a program one can use to delete chunks from a single player map? My main world I've had since October last year, and I've explored so much that I want to carve out all the useless chunks that I never visit, reducing travel distance for future updates. Any ideas?
  7. Drums are cruddy. Give them a boost and add a longroom reverb and they'll sound all 80's Ballad, which would totally work here. It's a bit bland for my taste, but so was the source. I like what the remixer's done with the track, taking it from boring/eerie to melodic ballad. I don't like the fadeout in the middle. It's too long and it kills the pace of the track. But it's sort of a Mice-on-Venus Minecraft thing, so I get the idea. It just doesn't work well for me. I won't reject it on that basis though. Fix the drums, they really need to be less boring. The arrangement is fine, just fix the sound. NO, resubmit
  8. Cool, I can hear the theme easily. It's a strange take on the original. Not everyone's cup of tea. It's simplistic in its production, but it works. It's catchy and a fun little remix. I think it should be passed on the creativity alone. YES
  9. Weak and muffled describes things nicely. It sounds like a mellow, downgraded version of the original. If this was the original, and the original was the remix I'd be more impressed. It's decent, but it's not really an inspiring remix. I did like the FF7 battle theme cameo. NO
  10. Bitchin' use of the theremin. Groovy mix as always from djp. I love those easy dance beats. Even had my housemate tapping his foot along saying it sounded like the music for a post-modern dance choreograph scene. Whatever that means.
  11. Haters gonna hate. Just ignore them. You'll find just as many people, if not more, who love the track.
  12. I wanna sit down and do a proper review of each track on the album. I'll try to find some time on the weekend if I can. For now, my favourite mixes are "Home is where the Luvdisc is", "Casino Lounge" (super smooth beats in that one, I've looped it a lot), and "Super Effective". For various reasons. There aren't really any dud tracks on the album as far as I've gone through so far. I'm sure I'll pick up some more gems as I listen over time. Congrats to everyone on the album. There are a lot of new faces on here which have come out with some amazingly good material. Everyone should be proud of being a part of this project.
  13. Still love this track. I think it's the best one on the album. And the entire album is great, so that's saying a lot.
  14. Hey guys, if you listen to the tracks in a very specific order, and then look under the truck, a super secret special track shows up!
  15. As long as they keep releasing new material for download to World Tour, I couldn't care less about the series being cancelled. In fact, it's a good thing since they've finally stopped charging us $100 for a new "game" which is really just a pack of 40 more songs to play. I'd rather they release booster packs for guitar hero, or expansion packs, that are compatible with rock band and guitar hero. I'd pay up to $40 for a decent pack of songs I can install on my PS3 harddrive to play on World Tour.
  16. Build a big gold ring with a diamond on top of it. Show it to her, ask her to marry you. Best of all, when she asks where the real ring is, tell her that is the real ring.
  17. Are you getting massive chunk errors? Any time I reload, at least 20% of chunks are randomly missing.
  18. Also, I just logged on and the lag is awful. It takes at least 20 seconds to open a chest.
  19. I have a whole bunch of diamonds you can use.
  20. Versus XIII looks awesome. Loving the look of the battle system. On-field like XII, but with the classy elements from XIII. Type-O just didn't look that exciting to me. It basically looks like a war between 4 factions, with characters that can morph into different forms (Like Vincent in VII)? Too early to tell what XIII-2 will be like. But the pretty-pink logo gave me a feeling of dread in remembering X-2.
  21. Nice work trimming the map down. It looks much better. Hopefully noone lost anything. It all looks pretty localised though. I was worried Ferrous might've lost something, but it all seems to be there.
  22. This I put a lot of effort into the spawn area of our server. I'd rather not lose it.
  23. I'm assuming we're still allowed to post direct to the panel? If not, let me know and I'll submit it via email. Artist: The Orichalcon Game: Minecraft Source: Piano3.ogg Old version: New Version: Sorry, mediafire My remix is based more on the old version than the new version. The theme is still the same, but the remix is more true to the original. The name comes from episode 50 of Coe's Quest on Youtube, named "Squishy". The mix isn't too long, since the source wasn't too long and I got what I wanted done in the 2 and a half minutes. It's just a bouncy, bubbly, happy and energetic remix intended to lift your mood when you listen.
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