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  1. What I can't work out is why there are TBP mixes on the queue from 2007. Not that that's necessarily a judges thing, but still! Sup.
  2. There's an out of place click sound at 0:12, almost like a metronome. It's also present in a few other places near the beginning of the mix, but it's nowhere near as offputting. It's also on the album version mp3 (haven't got the wav version, so I can't check if it's specifically an encoding issue). I don't think it's anything to cry too much about, but I figured I'd bring it to your attention. Other than that, I felt it was a nice take on Tifa's theme.
  3. Mill Fever is the name of the track in the soundtest.
  4. I just remembered why I could never get into SNES Mill Fever, it's because of it sounding like You Give Me Fever. I can't stand that song.
  5. I guess you'll be using a 96kbps mp3 for that one just to make the 6MB limit.
  6. I'm pretty positive that this is one of the first, if not the first remix or the DKC2 castle theme. Not sure what that drowned out piano sound is from 1:14-1:31 but I really didn't like it, it just sounded too abrasive. You could change the BPM of it too, at the moment it sounds like it's exactly the same speed of the original. Good luck!
  7. The same pretty much applies to me. I'm not going to say that it's because of the lack of Unmod that I don't post as much (I was teetering before the deletion of the forum) but it has been a less interesting forum since. There's been noticeably less new posts a day since this time a year ago. Still, I don't think the actual deletion was a bad thing as a whole for the site.
  8. I swear that's the hardest part of Super Metroid. What's probably even worse is the item at the top behind the right wall that you need to be in morph ball form for (EDIT: Though in retrospect I think I should have tried getting that one after collecting the jump ball).Trial and error is the best thing I can say.
  9. Indeed. That's a hard thing to measure accurately, but I would say though that if you were to try to tangibly measure a good experience by sales figures then you'd be better off looking at games sold rather than consoles sold. I'm not saying this is the case, but I'm concerned that games sold (and I include Wii Sports) for the Wii could be significantly less in the last six months than games sold for the 360, and if this is the case then it could lead to developers having less of an incentive to develop for the Wii in the long term, especially after the Christmas period where demand is high.Though as shown by Cruis'n and others, this doesn't seem to be the case in the short term.
  10. I don't mean to shun the significance of the Wii overtaking the Xbox 360 in total console sales, but I'd be curious to see the total number of games sold for each console. Surely that should be the litmus test for success in the long term, since that's where Nintendo and Microsoft are going to make the most profit (or in the case of the 360, any profit). Anyone have any recent figures?
  11. TCK


    There's also that LAOS track of the boss theme that he did for OCRIdol. That was hillarious.
  12. Either you need to compress to mp3, or you may have created the first hour long remix.
  13. http://www.chudahs-corner.com/soundtracks/index.php?catalog=PICA-2006There wasn't an official soundtrack with English track titles, so they've been translated from the Japanese soundtrack. But ultimately this is the Stone Tower Temple theme. Out of interest, whatever happened to that other Majora's Mask mix that was on the panel a while ago? I think it was called "Dawn of a New Day" and was in the To Be Posted queue then suddenly it disappeared.
  14. I rate them equally overall, but they're quite different. The main reason I asked which version though is that I thought Mill Fever SNES wasn't that great, while the GBA Mill Fever was awesome. Again, they're not that similar.
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