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  1. I actually own this game, and I think I've only ever made it to the...5th level in it? The first boss is actually easy (I guess I played that level over and over) but the others...well...let's just say you had better steal another ship. (If you remember doing that)
  2. A francios? (Spelling?) Sa Bon! Tres Chaud. (That's all the french that I can remember that I can apply to this post, unless you want me to start introducing myself...) But really though, a very sick beat and scratching. (More for hip-hopers). Would of been better in English though.
  3. Have you ever had a song that when you listen to it, regardless of what is going on in your life, everything slows down to a crawl as you sit back and just relax... Have you ever had a song that brings a sense of style and smoothness regardless of what is going on... Have you ever had a song that could do all of the above, plus make for amazing make out music? Well, this is one of those songs for me.
  4. Yes. Yes you are right. Earth Eater was an adventure (if I remember...it's been a year). But I wouldn't consider him the hardest out of the battle arena.
  5. HOW IN GODS NAME DID U BEAT FF8 WITH OUT LEVELING UP... THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!! unless u have no life Strange...I can tell you were "attempting" to quote Anti-freeze, but it didn't work right. Oh well. Your message is clear. Hey by the way, shouldn't you be chasing Pac-man in a maze, somewhere? I looking for pac man but cant really find him, but ill get him one day! Actually Ghost, it wasn't as bad as you think. The amount of time I would of spent leveling up I spent Drawing magic, then Junctioning them to my weapons/health. I spent about 11hrs out of the 14 on the first CD just drawing ma
  6. Man, I've read up to around page 25. Here are some of my characters. Almost any boss I've fought in Devil May Cry. The Weapons in FFVII (I only actually attempted Ruby once, and that was years ago, and I didn't even prepare for it, nor do I really care to beat them.) Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts - The problem with me and him is when he starts casting Sin Harvest, and I mis-time my attack, and instantly sends me down to critical. One of the creatures from FFX's battle arena - he's the guy who has the attack convergance. He's one of the creatures that seriously annoyed me, besides the Jumbo Flan.
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