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  1. It is very close to the original, but in this case it isn't really a bad thing. It is a bit repetitive, but the original was as well, so nothing lost on that. I like the remix, good job.
  2. I like the remix except the percussion. It sounds a bit out of place for HOMM, but otherwise it's a solid remix.
  3. This remix really doesn't capture the cool PSG and FM combination that the original utilized.
  4. Pretty dull, the whole track builds up to a fairly weak ending. Doesn't really capture anything of the original game. Stereo seperation is a little annoying with headphones too.
  5. At first I didn't like it, but by the time the song finished I thought it was a fairly good remix. Nice to see some underdog games getting remixes.
  6. This remix sounds a little dull to me. Electronic depression would be the phrase I'd use. Dance usually has high energy samples and I just don't feel any energy from this one.
  7. This is a good remix, quite different from the original, but still manages to capture the theme of Alex Kidd. Aisde from the scratches this is perfect Alex Kidd elevator music.
  8. It's a pretty good remix. I could have done without the 'Pump up the volume' sample as well.
  9. This is a great remix of the of Palmtree Panic. The horns of the original aren't there, which I actually think makes the remix sound better.
  10. I would have really loved this remix except there aren't any scratch sounds like there are in the original. That sort of killed it for me. That aside it's a good remix.
  11. This remix is probably better than the original which was alright, but for which I didn't care. Shenmue had some great music.
  12. The remix is alright, but I didn't really care for it. There are several Sanxion remixes in the demoscene and this just didn't match the better ones out there.
  13. I actually think the length is appropriate since you don't here this tune for very long in the game. Some other Valis remixes would be nice, especially from Valis I. Frash of Sword begs to be remixed.
  14. I liked the original a lot. The remix is good, but I think it's a bit too short. The added sound "nature" sound effects were a nice touch. Good strings.
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