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  1. That shit hit me hard from the get go. I love that song in sonic 2. To bad it can't be the theme When U go Super sonic. every time i hear this song I have to Pick up sonic 2 and give the stage A spin. Great JOP! !0/10
  2. THis is something I can actually listen to, Not like that other Crap thats out there. Great job on this remix. Hope U got more of these still left in U.
  3. Dude Was someone Drinking or Smoking when they made this one? Com'on now what the Hell is this Crap? Someone should ban this man from ever making remixes. PLZ no more of this Crap.
  4. NOt Bad I guess but still would Pick the original over this one. Was a good try But i guess He did not put all his time into this one, Maybe next time.
  5. What the hell is this! one of the dumbest remixes I ever had to listen to. PlZ don't ever make one of these things again I Beg of U FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! I mean come on, R U really trying?
  6. This has to Be the dumbest thing I every herd! U did a badass job with this one keep up the ok work. Also try listening to this song while Drunk or High, GOOD TIMES!
  7. Once I got to listen to this it made me wanna pick up that dusting Genesis Controll and play Ice cap Zone one more time because of this badass song this song does justice to the Sonic Name. Great Job on this remix
  8. This man has done it again. He took a good song and made it great. To listen to this is to listen to a work of art it almost wants to make me cry but then I say to my self that it is just a song. To anyone who reads this post plz look 4 this man he knows what he is doing!, This one almost makes me cry its so damn good. plz i beg u people take good long listen to this song it like totaly rocks. this man never dishes out a bad remix so if U see his name on the song listen to it it i garuntee it will bw at least a good one. Keep up the good work.
  9. This remix rocks, Makes me want to pick up that old snes controll and give this old timer one more go but then i remeber that I never could get past the first stage, Well anyways this song rules. take a few min. and listen to it.
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