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  1. I'll PM you when it's complete as per your request. It currently stands at 20% after 2 days at home due to me getting the kingly rate of 19b/s (yes, that is bytes per second. not kilobytes, bytes) all last night. I'll try to get it on the school comps.
  2. Checklist Complete VG Frequency collection-Unfinished Have Larry Oji's babies-Pending
  3. I've got quite a collection on these school computers. I'm missing #25 and any editions before #22.
  4. I'm not going to rush you but if you are going to put it up late in the week leave it up for a while so I can get it. We don't all have broadband.
  5. 2 hours until VG Frequency history is made.
  6. Tell me more. And make sure it's working when Bagel's in next week.
  7. I believe he does. The banner pic is being uploaded to my already stretched Geoshitties account and the address will be... www.geocities.com/njsykora/vgfmariobanner Then again Larry you could always put it up on www.imageshack.us
  8. I MISSED IT. GODDAMN. The masturbation marathon's really taking my mind off things. How long were you going for this week Larry?
  9. OK that was a bit too much. Also at great risk I must say that I'm not from old America or new America. I'm over here in the UK as it says in my location bit. I will admit though that you have better manners than most people on this forum. Maybe from now on I'll treat you with a bit more respect Mr Holland.
  10. DC you traitor! OK here's a deal Holland. I'm downloading this mix now and if I like it I'll stop giving you a hard time. That's the biggest reward I can give right now. If it's really good then sexual favours may/may not follow. As a southern gentleman you should accept these terms. EDIT: That is a destruction of what we call shit. There's shit then there's this. You sir are the lowest form of dirt.
  11. So, showday tomorrow and Larry'll be showing in here anytime soon. Hope he's recovered.
  12. I just got the mp3. 192mb on dial-up is painful. Larry, you should read out the chat room participants every week just to get the pleasure of saying my name (seems like The Wingless' ego has come to me). I can't thank Species enough for the tip and I'll bet everyone else on this island we call Britain is thankful too.
  13. You know you've made it when you're name is mentioned on air. *NJ in chat room: Famitsu dumbass* Larry: Shut the fuck up NJ. VG Frequency #21. Good to have another brit around here binster. Welcome.
  14. Species, I love you and want to have your babies. EDIT: Now I'm listening to the call ins and large quantities of kudos to everyone involved. EDIT #2: Holy shit. Was this a conspiricy to completely destroy what remains of Larry's sanity? In conclusion though my full show download is only at 30% I have to say... BEST. SHOW. EVER.
  15. May I humbly remind you that we don't want you here.
  16. Christ yeah. Only us two having the problem though. What else do we have in common? Very glad to see you playing copious amounts of tracks from Final Energy as well. Hope you enjoyed my reminder of what 56k is like.
  17. Man my comp was a bitch last night. Looks like 2 missed shows in a row for me. Also Larry can you keep #25 (not a typo) up for longer than usual as I'll be on holiday and not able to download it during the weekend.
  18. No. I demand Soft Museum Jam.
  19. You're calling in tonight then Rama? You could do another death threat, LO wont expect that.
  20. According to your Listen-To box it's Ziwtra. Different person?
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