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  1. He played that 3/4 shows ago.
  2. I demand that you play the final track from Beatdrop's Final Energy album which is available at my site. http://us.share.geocities.com/njsykora/bedlam.zip
  3. Then that means I may have just changed the future of VG Frequency. GO ME!!
  4. You dare to doubt the Star master?! If you've heard his original's with lyrics then you know he's a great singer and produces instant OCR classics.
  5. That should make the video feed interesting. btw Larry, I was thinking about a wmv/avi version of the show. Could this be possible as some good stuff happens in that studio.
  6. Hey TCK, we should meet up sometime. Then we can argue in person.
  7. It's 10-12pm EST so New Zealand time it'll be 10-12am. You lot get it at a sensible hour.
  8. Maybe it's just us with our crappy English connections. or the stupid americans not being able to upload files properly. EDIT: Just read through the playlist Larry. Many thanks for pimping out the Sonic 2 Project again. Thanks from the whole Palette Swap crew.
  9. Heard this on VG Frequency #20, went to Star's site and downloaded it straight away. If you liked TISR then you have to hear this.
  10. For those wondering why I joined the chat then left immediately my computer crashed god bless Microsoft. As it was 4am I wasn't willing to restart. Get the mp3 up Larry.
  11. I could swear I'd reviewed this. Anyhoo...Sir dj of pretzel sings. again. He also says he can't sing. again. Yet he sounds better than every other singer. again. And finally you must hear this. again and again.
  12. Begone Satan and never return. In other non-Holland related news I probably won't be around tomorrow. This equation should show why. Insane mate+empty house+huge sound system=you work it out I may be there but I'll be smashed if I am so the AIM transcript could be a laugh.
  13. Nope. Still nothing. I got the file on the computers at school though and I'll bring it home on a CD tomorrow. Just so you know this happened with #21 as well.
  14. Bored Bored Bored. This mix has nothing to it except the bass. It's too empty. NO
  15. Saturday's show was slightly fucked up. Wierd stuff happening all over the place like the death threat early on. Holland just served to remind me how much I needed the toilet. EDIT: I can't download the file Larry, it says service unknown. Is that the https or something else? EDIT #2: Okey Dokey, changed to a download manager that supports https and I'm getting a file not found. Your ball Larry.
  16. Screw the language, this is a skillfully made, top quality mix that emphasises the quality and creativity on show at OCR. Nigga or no nigga this is a must hear. I feel strange singing the chorus as a whiteboy but that's just me. For class' sake YES
  17. I mean what I say. I am also crap with AIM so...
  18. 2 hours til showtime Oji. You'd better play Broken Mirror early.
  19. Never read Overclocked Prot? He's insane. Figures though. djp calls when I'm not listening.
  20. My mates are really bothering me about the archives. How long 'til they're up Larry.
  21. Yep, same here. Eye bleedingly early on Sunday morning. I was there until 5:30 as Larry ran over spectacularly. What time did he finish in the end?
  22. I'll be there tonight. 3-5am GMT.
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