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  1. Happy New Year!!! Hopefully 2004 will be as good as 2003, with more vocal remixes by djp? I've downloaded 133 mixes this year and I hope next year I get more like this. My only gripe is is sounds like the muzak you get in a lift.
  2. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. DJp sounds a lot different than I imagined and he sings quite well by my usual standards i.e. a lot better than me. This just makes me more eager to meet the guy.
  3. This is a great song that I can easily see playing in the clubs. Top stuff
  4. As with all F-Zero remixes this captures the feel of the series. Quick and fairly hectic but it's a bit too quiet.
  5. First Download from the site and I came back. That's all that's needed to say how good this mix is.
  6. This was the song that brought me to this site after it was mentioned in Official Nintendo Magazine as being by SoaD. Millions of corrections later it was said as being the highly drugged up Rabbit Joint but it's still the song that sets OCR apart. Anyone with anything like a sense of humour will love it. 1 minute of pure heaven (and spasticated lyrics).
  7. If you die before hearing this, you will have lived a sad, empty life. The 2-3 seconds before the start build up the suspense waiting for the huge, loud start. This is how a Sonic track should be remixed and is undoubtedly the best Sonic mix of the best Sonic tune from the best Sonic game.
  8. Personally I can't see why djp was so unsure about this remix. It captures the spirit of the F-Zero games perfectly and is one of my favorite mixes. On the intro, it builds up to the central part of the song and does it's job to the best of it's ability. I can easily see this as a tune in F-Zero GX. Overall 92%
  9. This is so relaxing and I listen to it before I hit the sack.
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