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  1. Whoops. Guess I don't have a half decent torrent client then. I didn't even know you could do that with a torrent.
  2. Is there some reason there's no torrent with just the MP3 files? The WAV files are basically useless to me, and I'm betting they take up 90% of that 2gb. I don't care about minor compression that I won't even notice, and I don't want to spend more time getting these than necessary. I'll be listening to them on my MP3 player more than anywhere else anyway. I suppose I'll just download the songs individually, but that defeats the purpose of having a torrent.
  3. I'm guessing you'll fight him in the Subspace Emissary, the single player adventure mode. It's always seemed to me like a lot of assist trophies would make decent regular enemies or even bosses for that mode.
  4. I didn't care much for the Ice Climbers' stage in Melee. On the other hand, I loved Pokefloats and Rainbow Cruise. I guess it wasn't the concept of scrolling stages that bothered me, just the implementation of that particular one. Hopefully this new DK stage will be an improvement. If we're lucky, Brawl will have a lot of stage diversity. That way there's something for everyone - even whiney tourney players.
  5. Yahoo doesn't get as much search traffic as Google, but they're still #2, and they have a lot of other ridiculously popular services. For example, Yahoo mail has many times more users than Gmail. MSN benefits from being the default IE page, so even though it's the third most popular search engine, it's still very valuable. That's my reasoning, anyway.
  6. I can't believe I just listened to all these. It's like watching some spectacular car accident - you just can't look away.
  7. That's funny... I liked this song because it strayed from the original while still sounding good. Anyone can take a midi of the original and give it better instruments, but it takes a true master to reinvent the song in a unique way. Ah well, I guess different people have different tastes. Anyway, it's nice to hear some real instruments. I'm not an audiophile or anything, but I don't think this would have been nearly as good without them. I've been listening to this song on repeat for a while, which is something I rarely do.
  8. If you're playing as X, this battle is insanely easy with Double Cyclone. Since nobody would have a problem with that, I'm assuming you're playing with Zero, in which case it's a bit more tricky. Basically you just need to learn his moves and how to dodge them. Luck plays a small part here too. If you're REALLY having that much trouble, just fight this guy first and use a sub tank on him. You can always charge up the tank in between the boss battles, and by the time you get to Sigma, you should be full again.
  9. Having never seen Trigun or heard Tull, I really can't comment on the inspiration. Still, I really liked this remix. The instruments just seemed to really fit well together. At times, this mix almost sounded a little Suikodenish to me, which is definitely a good thing. *shrug*
  10. Very nice... I've been hoping someone would remix this song for a long time, and someone finally did it! I'm normally not a fan of trancey dance music type songs, but I really like this. Strangely enough, the banjo seems to fit in perfectly.
  11. This one's easy. Has anyone here played Saga Frontier 2? Okay. Has anyone here actually beat Saga Frontier 2? The last boss is friggin impossible...
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