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  1. So I've been concerned about this for a while, but I just barely decided to make a thread on it. Lots of remix comment threads had links to higher quality versions back in the old days, when 128kbps was considered decent quality and some official OCR submissions were even 96kbps. I'd like to reach out to people to see if anyone still has any of those. Sadly, I used to have quite a few, and lost them all in a hard drive failure years back. It's really too bad OCR didn't swap out old songs for the HQ versions when it went to torrents. Examples: (No link in that thread, but I remember Matt Newman posting a HQ ogg of the above, as well as several other CotMM mixes.) This is just a start off the top of my head, if anyone remembers other editions of other mixes, or has any idea where to find these old gems, please post!
  2. Does anyone still happen to have the better bitrate of this super awesome song? thebrailroom.com is long gone, sadly, unless a weird vitamin-pushing site was the intended host.
  3. Well, it looks like this is long gone now. Does anyone have a copy of it?
  4. Finally, a mix of one of my favorite game themes, and an incredibly well done one as well. I wish I had caught it back when first posted. This these keeps much of the acid jazz feel of the original, keeps the length that allows the song to unroll and unfold bit by bit, synth melodies while the bass sucks you under its spell. It's not as deep and expansive as the original, but in true Mazedude style, it's got crunch and pizazz and wanders into more new places, while still doing justice to the dirty jazz. Personally, nothing can quite compare to the utterly awe-inspiring sax and bass Jeremy Soule created, but this was a mesmerizing spin that instantly made me put the original on.
  5. This is really more EBM than industrial (think God Module, Das Ich, and so on), but River City Rammstein really IS the better name. Everything hits true and hits hard; I haven't been able to wear it out after almost ten years of trying, with tight crunchy synths slamming from every direction around a rockin' melody propelling it forward, in a well-mastered soundscape. Every time you get a handle on where it's going, it turns a corner. As always, a masterful contribution.
  6. Sorry for raising this thread from the dead, but I'm just curious, does anyone have a higher-bitrate version of this song? It's a pretty decent song, but the compression artifacts really aren't kind to it at all on a good sound system. Maybe what sounds like bad samples can be partly attributed to that.
  7. I'm a chill-out fan so I won't even try to be impartial to the awesome tune. But I'm trying to figure out what it reminds me most of. Maybe it was Psychic Force 2012 Arrange (which has a few songs with similar smooth, aching synths), but I don't really think so. I'm probably forgetting something obvious. Anyone remember remixes in this style off the top of their head?
  8. I was never entirely sure whether the sax was real or not -- played by someone like CharlieBird Parker. I think the pads were a little too loud relative to the sax, but that's it. Otherwise, the compression, bass, drums, lead, pads, all mixed well to feel like an excellent hybrid acid jazz/light jazz piece.
  9. Groooove. The violin is most certainly my favorite part, but the too-bright piano is nice and I adore the crunchy static background. Of course, love the bass and the wah, the drums so go with it. Good stuffs.
  10. I flipped this on and wanted to start rockin' out right away. Nothing like compressed dynamics to serve up that grainy old sound. A few pops and crackles and you'd have a beaten up old beach party album, all ready for the listen. I like it even more after the minute mark, when it just wanders off into the guitar & organ riffin'. Great job. I want this as boss music, damn it.
  11. Very nice indeed. I love the choppy effect, it keeps the synth nice and fresh, and the variety in the background keeps the drum beat from getting dull. The pads offset the choppy synth nicely and leave a great contrast. Great take on an SD1 battle theme, and while I liked Matt Pollard's better, this still goes on my recent favorites list.
  12. So when's the single coming out, and where can I buy it? Listening to this, I wasn't entirely certain that I wasn't listening to three or four entirely different songs on some crossfader. But no, it all has that underlying style of smooth flow behind rippling strength. I love the ending, very mysterious, and the various rearrangements of the original Metroid theme. The intro sounds like something you'd find on the orchestral game concert album; reminds me of the OGC4 song. In fact, the entire song sounds like it could have come from one. Certainly long enough, and with its own distinct 'movements'. But the jazzy piano/bass is my favorite part by far. You say this is synthed? I haven't heard synth that good in... well, in a very long time indeed. I swear, until I saw what you wrote, I was sure it was played by hand, and I'm a pianist and connioussier of such music. Excellent work, I'll be listening for more for certain.
  13. I liked the jazzy parts a lot, I felt they were very polished and had a spontaneous feel. I don't know, the harp and guitar just seemed too rough, I guess; the instrumentation detracted too much from the experience for me. Original enough take on an overdone song, though.
  14. Well, this song is 4-5 months older than this board, so its 15 minutes of fame largely passed it by. ^.- It is a great one though. Just came up on my playlist; funny, it seems to have picked today for everyone to listen to it. I was blown away from the first second, since this has all that is good in a power-metal ballad, until it switches to vibrant techno. Somehow it never manages to repeat itself, always keeping everything just varied enough. I like the interlude from 2:30 to 3:30. And the leads are wonderful, warm and lush rather than choppy or heavily filtered. I might've liked a tad more percussion, but eh, personal preference.
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