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  1. Wow. It's nice to stumble into a forum you've hardly visited in years and see your self... well, semi recognized. A few of you *might* remember me as "I like cookies" before I changed my user name to Jeff back in '03 or so. IIRC, Fresh Baked 1 was the very first remix competition on OCR, and took place just after the forum moved from wwwthreads. I came up with the idea on a whim. I was tired of seeing all the whiny "SOMBOADY REMIX THIS AWESOM SONG 4 ME?!?!" threads, yet I could see that some remixers liked the challenge of doing requests. So without any clear plan of how it would work I came up with the basic idea of a request competition. About a year or so later (Sept. 03, according to my pms) when numerous other competitions were underway, I decided to go one better - have a contest with an actual, physical prize. GLL won the day, and got a BSOD t-shirt from errorwear. After that, the forums got less friendly. I started to visit less and less frequently until I practically stopped altogether, and only popped in when there was a new torrent to download. So, it's really nice to randomly pop in and see your legacy.
  2. You can count me as another person drawn in by djp's email. A few people might remember me, but I haven't been active here for quite a long time.
  3. She's got a nice body, but I don't know... Where's that paper sack?
  4. I usually dislike the vocals I hear on the radio nowadays... you know, the same old rock songs that sound completely alike and are about teenage angst or something. Although this song has that top 40's sound to it, I can't help but be amazed by how well this was done. Hell, I haven't been this pleased about the vocals in a vg remix since LOZ 2002 - and that was just voice acting. Damn this is good.
  5. Very nice take on the Darkworld theme in the beginning. Just an extraordinary song overall. But most of all, I'm just happy to see that McVaffe is still making great music.
  6. WhiteKnight, you should read the first page of the ipod thread. The $250 replacement isn't the case anymore, though I definitely agree it was pretty shitty of them to not have replacements available earlier. Back on topic., I'm getting a download rate of 147-odd kilobytes per second on the first set of 500. Wow. But my upload rate is at about 15 kb per sec. That's ADSL for you.
  7. Any time a particular image is displayed, bandwith is used. Since the pictures are coming from the quiz site, it's their bandwith that is being used, not OCR's. Those kinds of sites aren't too worried about it in general because the codes those quizzes generate include links back to the site, which increases traffic for them, and revenue from advertisments displayed on the site. You probably won't be able to make those quiz results display without fiddling with them anyway, becauese they are usually in html (webpage) format, which is disabled here.
  8. http://www.geocities.com/anthonycalloway/image3.jpg you need to rename the file to image3.txt for it to work.
  9. Using html or forum code to change the displayed size won't change the filesize of your photo or make it load more quickly. Any basic photo editing program will let you resize the actual file, or a copy of it at least. Upload the new pic to angelfire once you're done editing.
  10. Hi im nu here can enni1 ltell me how u git pics in sighnater go plzkthnx? Seriously, even.
  11. When this song was first posted I deleted it almost immediately, mainly because Kooper909's remixes from vgmix had dissapointed me, to say the least. I decided to give it another chance this morning, thinking that I had possibly judged it too harshly before. At 0:31 the wind instruments start playing the main melody in unison... doesn't sound right at all. Ugh. By 0:53 we have some animal noises, I swear it sounds like he used the same monkey sample that Scott Peeples and Prozax used previously in Phear the Monkey. The animal fill lasts for a good 10 second, leading to a variation on the main theme whch works rather well. Very DK64. Skipping to about 2:25 we get the nice sounding pan flute, giving us some much needed tonal relief . The song ends with a few more variations, not leaving me bitter at all. Overall I give the song a 2 out of 5 possible bananas. I think I'm going to keep it this this time. I do like the percussion. However, there are better much DK remixes on the site. I'd recommend new listeners to download Phear the Monkey and DJ Pretzel's Diddy Evolution for better renditions of this same theme.
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