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  1. Simply beautiful. The only issue to me is that the piano seems to overpower the vocals at some points. This is probably just an opinion of my own, since its not even that big of an issue for me. Still, it's quite enjoyable. Almost makes you want to see a cutting-edge remake of Chrono Trigger done with this.
  2. It all started out surprisingly soft. It's been a while since I've heard the Chaos Temple theme, so I was a little naive of the melody. Still, it all came back when piano went verbatum. Very nice builds, even if they may seem long. Very enjoyable when the guitar started to rip.
  3. As with most people here, I was really impressed with the acoustic intro. While it may take away from the Mega Man "feel", I'd love to hear a full acoustic version to this. By far, this is the best song off of MM3. And this is one of the best remixes for that song, rivaled only by BlueLightning.
  4. I think the big drawback that people are noticing about this remix is the lack of dramatic overtures. This is a nice ambient tune. It's really what this song was meant to be. Justice was done to the original. One way this could improve is by taking out some of the promised dramatics. There are several points in the song where I could feel this great emotional set coming up, only to be dealt something calming and serene. Now, I need to go watch an action movie.
  5. Honestly, I started to bust out laughing when I heard this the first time. Don't get me wrong. This is REALLY good, but I always thought of Spekkio as a really goofy character. So, hearing something that sounded like it was out of Braveheart, just struck me as funny. If I ever learn how to play the bagpipes, then this will be one of those things I'll play all the time. This is definitely a favorite in my book.
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