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  1. With the duel vocals at times i thought i was listening something from scooby doo, exspeacily when the (Yeah~) would come in, great song, but it just seems to remind me of scooby doo lol.
  2. Reminds me of the music quality in FFVII, Maby FFVI, which where not bad at all. Aside from that, the song itself has a great melody and very well done. If i didn't know it was a remix of, one, of Uematsu's songs, i would have thought it could have been one of his. That it in itself shows you did a fantastic job.
  3. This is doom??? Wow, you've really changed the mood. If i heard this somewhere random i'd never know. That doesn't mean thats it doesn't have any original melody to it, but man, it's completely different than what i expected, i really should have read more closey to what djp was talking about. With that little rant out (or whatever that is) this is truely nice. Great job, it seems to short to me but when i look at it's length time;(3:49) ,that sounds about right, must mean it's that good and i want to listen more i guess. Great job. Sleep deprivation never sounded so good.
  4. What the heck, that makes about as much sense as "Eat my shorts" but is far more unsettling. Anyway, The flow of this song reminds me alot of his sonic remix. It's gotta a good groove to it, and the samples don't stike me as bad or unhumanly. Atlest not to where as i'd notice it right off. It's made it on my hard drive and i think it's here to stay. Something seems missing though, i'm not sure but that might be sleep deprivation talking or something. Yeah, probly that. Anyway nice job.
  5. Well it's about time . I'm glad GL told me about this song some time ago. It sounlds very Professional. Very well planned and those bells come in at all the right place's. The base is awsome as well. I play this song all the time in the car. Yet another brillant song from Gray Lightning. A must Download.
  6. Well i got ahold of a computer for a second so gotta say my mind about this song. This song makes me feel as if i was in a asian garden. It's so soothing and well, ninja like. I'm glad that GL showed me the wip before the song was posted on the website. This like all of GL's mix's, is just alwsome and beautiful. This is a must dl.
  7. Nooooooooooooo!I was the frist one to dl this song but i had to go to some class'es so i missed out on posting a review. Ack!!! I could have been the frist one on this review list!!! Oh well. This song is pretty good although i have to loop it like it never ends to get my fix. Longer!!! Also with respect to the song being a all out piano remix, it could of used some strings. There was soooo meny spots that would have been beautiful with strings. Here's an exsample of what i'm talking about.http://www.ocremix.org/detailmix.php?mixid=OCR00130 That would have made it a 15 out of 10 if it did did something like that.
  8. Hmm.......flowing through the river of time.....never to see whats ahead, but only whats left behind.......only if the sun could rise one more time.........just one more time.......Thats what races through my head when I hear this song. Wow! Did I really write that? Man this song makes people insant poet's! Freaky. Well man....I don't know...this song reminds me of past thoughts and memory's of times long ago. This is a Mix you can't pass up. I'm telling you this is quite amazing. Great work GrayLightning, this is truely a work of art. EDIT And yes, I really am an anime Charater. Thats why all my post have different signature Pictures of me.
  9. You freaking drunk. Thats kefca not Andross. And i do agree that most people might enjoy the song if it didn't have those loneytoons Sounld effects. But if you have played the game for hours on end. (Namely game freaks like me who beat the game 80 times just cause the game rocks)You tend to like the Sounld effects for no appearent reason. I guess They just make me think of the game more. Although the random Loneytoons Sounlds where'nt really nessecary. And the song starting up again at the end is just wreid. But if he stuck with the Sax And the guitar(Which i think is fine) Would have made it a bit more satisfying. I really don't know why yall think the guitar is really all that bazzar. It fits the song. I guess that type of guitar isn't really used often on OCR. Actly after going thourgh my library there is no song with it. Heh....oh well.
  10. Can it be??? YYEESS! It is and if you don't dl this you will die a sad man/women because you missed out on the super beautiful song of goodness.! ......ahhh 2:36-3:21......so beautiful .
  11. thats what i think about this song which an't bad but is it a song or a bgm??? this makes me wonnder!!!! and i just can't figure it out even after playing 10 times in a row well i think it should be in Freddy Vs Jason 2 or something cause that song alone would make the movie Scary as freaking :vomit: hmm..... i just don't know this song is freaking out my Brain won't it stop!!! the song echo's in my head as if i where in metroid all alone in a dark room with demons from every game and anime i can think of just wanting to eat me!! ok well i think i am freaked out enough i'm going to run now bye bye!!!!
  12. You evil being of goodness to have made a song of such......whats the word for it.......ah i know!!! sometimes action's speak louder than words!!! there thats what i think about it. (interpertion, i just play it over and over again banging my head on the desk sending my pop corn on the grounld) it's so fast and slow and good all at the same time that i just can't stop!!!! which means you did good young one and now after all that headbanging i got to.... :vomit: well i'll need to go to sleep before i put myself there by other means just keep up the good work
  13. well it doesn't matter if you didn't made it with oc in mind as long as you made it with your heart. (which makes for some pretty darn good stuff) well you have yet to let me down even for a moment with your godly guitar sometimes a good thing can be bad tho cause now i'm hooked!!!! and i can't stop playing it over and over again and i just got over Super Metroid Zebesian Midnight OC ReMix enough that i didn't sleep with it playing now i'm gonna be up night and day with this song of godly acousticness thats not saying to stop makeing good songs tho i don't mind devoteing my life to playing these songs over and over again and spending all of my money on speakers and sounld cards to hear it in such good quality that it is :vomit: .......well you get the picture.
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