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  1. Hello! I used one of your Chrono Trigger remixes in a (album) mix I threw together. I hope you like where I put it!


  2. Why are we reviving this thread? Well, whatever, it sucks ass. Sloppy rhythm, empty "arrangement," and all-around badness. The best part was "Hey, can you play Legend of Zelda?" "Uh...we're working on it."
  3. You're the one so avidly defending a remix of video game music, to the point of flaming other people about their sex lives. I know where he's coming from. I feel that this mix is very solid and well-done, but its absurd amount of blind devotion makes it seem worse than it really is (I dislike FFVII for the same reason). Even though I'm not crazy for this mix, I still admire its technical skill and enjoy listening to it. Well done, Ailsean!
  4. Wow. Without a doubt THE finest piano mix on OCR, period! I particularly like the homage to Rachmanioff in the intro. THIS is the kind of arrangement I'd like to hear more of (does anyone else find it sad the djpretz needed to put a disclaimer saying this wasn't a soft, sweet arrangement, even though this is an arrangement of Hunter's Chance?). This is great. It's really really great. Did I mention it's great? 'Cuz it's great. *listens again*
  5. I need a glockenspiel soundfont that isn't too thin in tone, but isn't too piercing at high velocities.
  6. Oooooooooh! Sparkly piano! Sparkly bells! It's all...so...SPARKLY!!! X_X This mix is AWESOME. The 7/8 meter works really well, and...well, it's just great! spaaaaaaarkly...*rocks back and forth*
  7. I hate you. SO. MUCH. RIGHT. NOW. ANYway, I'm a big fan of Russell's work, and this was a song I enjoyed a great deal in the game, so of course, this mix is teh r0x0rs. I like hearing some striaght orchestral mixes after seeing techno after techno after...well, you know what I mean.
  8. Mmm, yummy chamber music. Me like. Me like muuuuuuch. I forgot how nice the tune was, too.
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