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  1. This is absolutely friggin' beautiful. As much as I love your other remixes (Crystalline Caverns FTW), this may be my new favorite. Great to hear new stuff from you again.
  2. VERY YES. I don't know if any remix will surpass Tell Me A Story [Prolixity Mix] on my list of favorites, but this is good stuffs.
  3. (hey, the forum upgrade actually fixed my long-since screwed up account... sweetness.) Pardon me whilst I drool uncontrollably, because that's just pure digital awesomeness right there.
  4. ...WOW. This track redefines awesome. It took a theme I didn't really care much for either way and made it one of my favorites. And it has some of the best use of in-game sound effects I've ever heard. (I darn near crapped myself at 2'52") I'm kicking myself for only having downloaded this a couple days ago.
  5. HOLY CRAP... This is nothing short of brilliant... This is by far one of the best remixes I've heard yet. Had I not already known what this was, I seriously might've thought it was something from Gary Hoey, it's extremely excellently done, and does have a similar sound to his style... Also, if I'm not mistaken, at around 3:12 it changes to the theme from the final level of the game, which combines my two favorite themes in this game into one excellent remix... This always used to be one of my favorite NES games, so it's great to see it get some coverage here... VERY nice...
  6. Aahh... I forgot about Zelda II... That game is hard... O_o After quite a while of playing, I finally managed to get to the Great Palace... took a quick look at that, and haven't played it since... o_O I keep thinking about it, but I know I'll die... >_< and I'll get that annoying 8-bit shadow of Ganon mocking me... >_< *screams profanity at TV* >_> As result, I haven't even gotten to see what Dark Link looks like yet... Pfft. Wimp. Actually, I have a couple older Gamesharks that I use now and then, just for the heck of it, but I don't use it to pass things I'm stuck on... It doesn't really feel like beating it if I cheat at it... Although I will use it if I do something incredibly STUPID, like deleted my fully loaded (in cars and cash) Gran Turismo game save... >_< I've done that with both GT1 and GT3, and I'm not about to do all that work again to get everything back... So I use the GS to buy my cars back... (still having to earn the lisences and trophies...) *kicks self for stupidity*
  7. One of the hardest bosses I've faced in the games I've played would have to be the PS2 version of Ultimate 9-ball in Armored Core 2: Another Age... >_< I lost track of how long it took me to beat him for the first time... Even the normal 9-ball was hard, but this was just ridiculous, especially because he wasn't anywhere near that hard originally, in Armored Core: Master of Arena... (PSX) And I had trouble enough trying to do it with Plus/overweight, it's completely horror for me with a normal AC... Of course, others I talk to say he wasn't that hard, so I aparrently just suck. >_< LOL...
  8. Part of the job. *drools at Zero figurines*
  9. Heh, that was about my response when I first downloaded it months ago... This is by far one of the best OC remixes I've ever heard... Blew me away the first time I heard it, and continues to do so. Pure excellence...
  10. O_O I... love... this... mix!! I remember the tune distinctly, since it was also in the GameGear version of the game (which is the only one I have), but I never imagined it being remixed like this. This is one of my favorite styles of music, and this remix is one of the best tracks in this style that I've ever heard...
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