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  1. I probably made this thread before, but I want to know what is the best & worst places to go in Las Vegas that doesn't involve gambling much. I also want to go to the Hoover Dam & The Star Trek Experience before the hotel that is hosting in closes the attraction. Any comments are welcome.
  2. I hardly rent games anymore as every title from the PS1 era were scratched, so I used to borrow from friends and family who took better care of their games. I also make use of Gamefly as well.
  3. This mix is one of the best I have heard in a while. It has a movie quality appeal that reminds me of Hero from the Spiderman soundtrack, the way the lead & bass guitars are interwoven to compliment each other. I have burned it to a cd and put it in my iPod so I can listen to it wherever I go.
  4. I used to use ebay for older titles, now I sometime buy my copies from either EBGames/Gamestop, pawn shops, or even a store called Mario's in Provo.
  5. I used to look forward to Nintendo Power every month until it got too Pokemon heavy in '99, and then I lost interest altogether after Rogue Squadron III came out.
  6. Who's going to play the part of the prince?
  7. I agree with underthesun. This piece does take the sting out of the Virginia Tech shooting a bit, as it has the song has slight resemblence the action is muted out and the music is playing just like in a drama film. The lenght of the song does not matter, as is it a beautiful peice that belongs with OCR and on my playlist.
  8. I have been to a few job interviews in retail and I might have a shoe in since I have decent customer interaction skills especially since my restaurant staff usually goof off, except when the cool people actually helps out. Now to play the waiting game.
  9. My current situation is that I have to deal with both the retarded customers who complain about how the foods are made and my lazy, often uesless coworkers who range from high school kids to a bunch of old ladies who are like my customers but they are part of my staff. At the restaurant the old ladies constantly argue about how to run the restaurant while the younger staffs just goof off and slows everybody down. The only responsible people who knows what they are doing are me and two other coworkers who are in their 20's Needless to say, I still think retail might be right up my alley
  10. I have a couple pairs of leather shoes whose insoles that can support my feet for several hours on the job. I would like to thank the community for their advice and if there are anymore, advices then contribute to this thread.
  11. The few retail stores I have checked out in Provo and Salt Lake were Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Hollister, Gamestop and EB Games. Abercrombie caters to rich kids for which I still could not find info the salaries and commission for. From what I have heard about this store, is that some people sometimes browse through the store and later complain about the prices of the merchandise Hollister is like Abercrombie, but they are more focused on surf and beach inspired apparel that are cheaper that Abercrombie. American Eagle has some limited openings but might be better as one of their stores is closer to the freeway. Their merchandise are targeted towards the high school and college crowd. Gamestop & EB Games sound like they are not worth my time. Even then I still have no ideas about how they pay such as salaries, wages, or commissions or even the quotas
  12. I plan on chucking this shitty restaurant gig, and then at the start of the summer I would try to work in clothing retail. I might try to find work in stores that specializes in trendy apparel, so I might expect to deal with customers wanting to buy clothes three sizes too small. If that fails then I will try my luck out at electronics or games stores.
  13. I have given much consideration into the restaurant business and I have decided I might fare better in doing retail, especially in the stock person sector. I would like to ask the community about their previous experiences good or bad: I would like to have intel about average salaries, wages, or commissions Intel on average hours worked. Companies that have pros and cons in their employments. I hope this works out
  14. This mix is going to be used in my club mix on Ocr and regular tunes
  15. I like this song, It reminds works into my daily grind of handling two jobs and few morning classes. Its even better at night.
  16. I am going to put this in my compilation cd so I can listen to it in my car. I like the melody that plays along the drum beats, as it moves smoothly.
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