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  1. wow if someone like Hate Shade was that rude and insulting on my forum i would probably ban him...
  2. i really enjoyed this mix and loved the dune quotes. the bassline is one of the best i've heard in a while and the rythms are absolutely killer. i especially love the opening quotes and how they kick into the bass. the only thing i would change is the use of any line relating to the wierding modules. i like the 'sound and motion' line as it is used in the song but i think the whole wierding module thing was an addition to the dune lore that is best left forgotten.
  3. this song really is addictive and kinda hypnotic...i like how it uses a very oldschool synth sound without sounding really cheesey...i also like the voice and lyrics. overall a great job bazooie. if you like this i highly recommend you check out the stuff on bazooie's website...i especially liked 'gellie frisbee' bazooie, i would love to see more of your work on oc remix
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