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  1. I like this remix. A lot. Icecap was one of my favorite levels, and a big part of that was the emotional music. I remember coming up with crazy stories about people being frozen under the ground in Icecap Zone. I downloaded this remix back about a year or two ago, and had to download it again for old time's sake. I don't like the quote though. It's way too out of place.
  2. I love everything about this remix... except the "c'mon!" clip played about twenty times is destroying my speakers. Maybe if you descreased the pitch insted of increased it wouldn't be so jarring. That and spacing it out more so it isn't so repetitive.
  3. Infinitely creepy. This reminds me of a movie I probably never saw. Almost like a combination of some random halloween music and a happy Newfie fiddle song. This is the kind of stuff that gives kids nightmares. Anyway, there's a bit of empty space at the begining that needs cutting. You know how much I hate waiting.
  4. I honestly don't remember this song from the game. o.O; Luckily though, I love the remix and shall give the thumbs-up thusly. *thumbs-up*
  5. Yuck, sounds like Child's Song. :\ *closes media player*
  6. This is a great remix... but part of it reminds me of... I dunno. Probably another remix, I was thinking Sonic. Anyway, I love the way this is done and will listen to it until I hate it.
  7. lol, you forgot Peppy. He's the shit. XD Anyway, this remix is great. It sounds kinda like... the Socket remix... Trip the Light Fantastic or whatever. It's worth my time, that's for sure.
  8. Wow. This is a great remix. Why... I remember back in the good old days, I used to stop by Blockbuster every Friday after school and rent a game for my at the time only console, the almighty Genesis, and this was one of the many Sonic ripoffs that I played through between school days. Awesome Possom being another. *shot* I'm not sure what level this is from... Antiquity or whatever it's called. Anywho, excellent remix that brings back painfully distant memories and makes me want to play Socket one more time.
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