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  1. We'll I've think I've got the right place to be posting this, hopefully anyway. So I was thinking about doing a collab with me as the lyricist and one of you talented remixers out there doing the remix. Well I've got an example of what I can do here, but sadly for the moment no mic to record my voice. One Last Chance, One Last Hero, Let's start this trance, From the Sector 7 Burrow. Tryin' to earn a dollar, Workin' as a Soldier without Cause, My Past strangles me like a collar, Trying to regain what I've lost. One Last Chance, One last Hero. This was just like in 5 minutes of posting in a thread in unmod.
  2. Good piece, liked the original piece, and the climax towards the end is pretty good. Just a nice smooth flowing peace. 8/10
  3. Thought the old oblivion would post on this, excellent interpretation on two of my favorite pieces from the FF series. "Suteki De Na" being my favorite, great piece, easy 9/10.
  4. uhh, its alright, not impressed by much, sounds like a poorly remixed Zeppelin (sp) song. 6/10...
  5. Umm, thats not a flute thats a recorder... very different instruments. Anyway, love the game, the love remix, 9/10 for the squealls of the recorder. Played 1st Chair Clarinet through middle school and part of highschool squealling is verrry painful to me.
  6. I would like to know the lyrics for this song, thats the only downfall to it, they just seem kinda muffled other than the strong points. "uppercut" key example. But other than that this song is really good, I've enjoyed it thoroughly, just wish I knew what you were saying. Edit: I'm a Dumbass... great song... now I know the lyrics. *Realizes his Ken and finds use for the scroll bar on his mouse*
  7. X-Out? is this really a game, tight electronica mix... high-hats... though... so annoying. other than that its quite schrizo, get down wit ure funky self.
  8. This is a truly excellecent mix, the judges's panel did a good thing by making Neil resubmit his work. On a side note: My uncle passed away on Friday evening, and hearing this song makes me recall the memories I've had with him. As mentioned before the strings bring back memories of those Far Away times. 9/10, didnt like the ending, felt it dragged on a little much, other than that completely solid.
  9. I liked this one, definite sucker for Piano Music, and Ryu has always been like my favorite SF character.. its really weird to hear this song in Piano, but this takes some major remixing talent.. GJ man, 8/10.
  10. Wow, Grey Truly amazing shiznit... ^^ Good Stuff, expect nothing but top notch quality from you now on... Is it Just me or do I keep hearing the FFT Theme Song in the mix? Probably just me.
  11. *bump* The Original Guilty Gear getting to Baiken, no continues used and then actually beating her. I could never do it.
  12. Head of House, Master of Fighters Guild, Brother to Imperial Cult, Knight of the Garland, and werewolf on fullmoons Hlaalu Lvl 45 Nord, I give this hands down great review solid, drums were weak though, more like in Skies of Arcadia Hoteka Stomp where the drums just tend to Sing throughout the song, good stuff though congrats on going Solo... breaking out of the boyband!
  13. This is is a truly beautiful piece, great by all nature, hands down God's gift to man, but anyway Morrowind, KOTOR, and SoE (only games I've played by Mr. Soule ((I know I'm a slacker.)).) Hands down one of the best produced pieces on the site, if not the best. Not Necissarily the best feeling (that depends on the listener). Great Job, oh yeah sorry Square USA didnt work out... I really didnt like SoE all that much anyway the music was good though .
  14. This is the shiznit of all the Biznitch... good shiite!! fargin awesome! I love it... 10/10.
  15. this is some great stuff man, rammstein rocks, the kicking in never was there, but other than that man... awesome 9/10 go kill some guys or something! ROCK HARD, IT ROCKS HARD.
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