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  1. this one owns. it stablishes a total sense of desesperation and darkness and presure and angst in the well-known theme of zelda. the guitar work is awesome, and even if it gets a little weird at around 3:00, it still fits completely, as it adds even MORE desperation and that taste of tensionso well achieved all trough the piece. the piano entering during the most distorted part and ending ABRUPTLY with the song is an absolutely awesome crownin touch. that is the part I like most. the ending. simply impressive. Cano and very creative also, indeed.
  2. this thing is absolutely beautiful. the long intro is SO well done it really doesnt bother that it has nothing to do with zelda... the music is awe-inspiring, and takes to the zelda theme in a very beautiful way. from there, the theme develops and gets really dramatic. the church bells or whatever those things are sound awesome, end the piece has a REAL heroic mood to it, paying homage to its name. the only problem, as someone pointed out, was that it doesnt climax into what could have been, and the ending is indeed something like "O_o dang, it ended there?" if you developed the ending a little more, this one would be unbeatable. still, its pure greatness. Cano link would be proud, as this song pays absolute homage to the hero of time.
  3. OK, first of all, I really love this thing, the hip hoppy beat and the electrotune taking the melody are great twists to this awesome tune from a link to the past. it sounds so chill-out and minimalist. but I have one complain, mainly with the file: at 1:25 there is a BIG jump in continuity. does anybody else has this? or its just my file? Cano anyway, this song rocks, and really gives a new face to this theme.
  4. totally agree. that pause, and then the trumpet. COOL!! I love this song, really. it perfectly embodies the lost woods spirit and adds some triphoppy percusions to the mix!! the vinyl static is cool touch too, overall, heavy laid back stuff in here. I even like the choirs. like a good lock to all the song. awesome. Cano
  5. OH, YEAH. this thing kicks ass. the band takes you to a very accelerated (those effin drums!! OMG!!) but chilled (distorted organ in bg is uber cool) trip to the dungeon and will keep you there as you hear how they improvise and let the guitar do its work, altough ALL the elements work impressively good one with each other. incredible performance here boys, and a cool twist to this twisted track. maybe the best arrangement in OCR for a zelda 1 song, and a site classic. get it now!!! this thing is too cool to pass up. Cano swingggyyyy
  6. I love this. even if the first solo gets a little long, it sounds really good, and doesnt deviate THAT much from the real theme, wich, besides, its clearly emphasized with the accoustic guitar in the bg, making it enjoyable. well, I guess I like long guitar solos, and this is one I enjoyed pretty much. the wah is an orgasm. high skills there, and all troughtout the song, I must say. maybe if the accoustic guitar remarked the original windmill theme all trough the song, it would be better oriented, but it is indeed one helluva song, and a very interesting twist to the windmill noise. I love it. get it NOW! Cano
  7. this piece is an orgasm. such an incredibly cool twist on this song. fake, not, WHO THE HELL CARES?? it sounds AWESOME. the bebop-ish cello in the back, and the piano folowing the trumpet (and later the highlighted piano solo, veeeery laidback) sound KOOL. the plates giving the beat and all the laid-backness of the song makes it absolutely enjoyable, you just cant denny the beauty of this song. incredible rearange, and one of the coolest covers that you will find in OCRemix. a site classic, and top 3 zelda 3 remixes. this song rules -period. GET IT NOW. and if you have it and are reading this, queue it on winamp and just, enjoooooooyyyy! Cano. beautiful.
  8. I LOOOOOVE this thing. its SO sexy and sweet. I love how the piano accompanies the jazzy, smoothy sax. the battery adds a cool flavor, too. I think that this is the sexiest Zelda song arrangement in all OCRemix and deffinately reccomend this one pretty much. GET IT NOW! Cano I like the abrupt ending, too. just one thing: its TOO short!
  9. incredible. awesome. amazing. kool in all the sense. the swingy mood and the brass lines are real cool. the sax solo is A-WE-SO-ME. the bajo solo is awesome too. you just cant go wrong, this thing is an amazing piece of swingy jazz. and the band perform it flawlessly, and with a real emphasis in FUN!!! a classic. if you ever played this game, it will bring tears and a fuckingly big grin to your face. if not, it will do it, too. this piece is so good that it could have been there 40 years ago when some band played dixieland. get it NOW. Cano one of the best songs in OCR, and deffinately, the best Mario 2 theme by THIS far.
  10. this is really cool!!! indeed it rocks. the heavy riffage make it even more enjoyable, and the "one-up" and "jump" and all the sounds in here make it really funny. as someone said, you cant help but to throw a smile at the "poing". sweetness. Cano Pooing!!!
  11. beautiful. I always liked the theme from the caverns in Yoshi. the piano in this thing is awesome. it just takes you to relax land. yeah, this one should have been like this in the game. the chill-outed beat and, of course, the magnificent piano taking the melody onwards are great. repetition? yeah, but even like that, its cool, and it makes it good to repeat. 'sides thare are variations to it that are also greatly introduced in the song. you really doesnt feel it like its five minutes long, you just want more. its over and its like "dang. over yet?" great stuff, and a great arrangement. get it NOW. Cano
  12. enjoy, indeed. Mustin's invitation couldnt be truer, this thing KICKS ASS. the REAL samba flavor is toroughly achieved, all those instruments (real!!! OMG!! )work together SO well, the music just draws you in into a tropical paradise, and wont let go. the guitar is awesome, the sax! omg! everything. this one rule. one of the best rearrangements in OCR. and, incredibly interesting way to transform this piece. Cano the fact that the man played all these by himself and arranged them all just adds volumes to the character of this thing. awesome. get it NOW!
  13. incredible. what a take on this beloved song. the sax is just too cool and smooth. beautifull. this is just perfect wonderfull jazz. the battery is perfect, and all in all its too sexy. indeed, one of the best, if not the best, rearrangements in OCR, and of course the best one there is for this song. A-MA-ZING. Cano been listening to it for about an hour, and it wont stop.
  14. OMG!!! I imagined a fucking goomba with a sax, dark glasses and a black suit, a koopa playing the battery, outfited the same, and another danged goomba playing organ in the background, outfited the same. all this while mario pulls up in a black lincoln or someting, outfitted the same!!! definately impressive. I always found this piece funny, but this one takes it to the limits of fun, and of koolness. you just cant stop tapping yer foot and bobbing yer head. awesome, and the overall mood of the song is really kool. one of the best remixes in OCR. Cano yay! the real song shoulda been like this.
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