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  1. I was just going through my collection of ocremix MP3s to do a best of CD to play on my stereo. I remember AE was pretty good, and I listened to this track and wow! I didn't even notice the 8 bit in it until I reread djpretzel's review mentioning it, then I listened again and I was like wow, it is there! He puts it in so fantastically its hard to notice, but it keeps it real by having it in there *LOL* This track just comes at you screaming hardcore and only lets up to hit you harder the next time. Definitely an awesome track by all means.
  2. I've downloaded a lot of McVaffe's stuff here, and I generally kinda like McVaffe's remixes on here, but didn't find them that great. But this one... WOW. Maybe I'm just a weird person that loved the SMB2 underground theme. I did... as repetive as it was, it was still mysterious sounding and really got me into the mood of this game. I listened to this, and it bugged me at first 'cause the initial chords weren't exactly the same, but once the piano came in, I was like "cool" and then the violins came in and just blew me away. I never imagined violins there but they were perfect. And yes, the sitar was very cool... also added to the mysteriousness of the track. This would fit perfect in a game or just to groove to. I think even those that hated the original theme might like this. Gotta hand it to McVaffe for taking 10 seconds of music and turning it into almost 3 minutes of awesome sound.
  3. I always loved the song at the Chrono Trigger Millenial fair... this remix does it pretty good justice. I like the name, Zeratul, too Which begs the question... why are there no Starcraft remixes on here? And why hasn't Zertul done one?
  4. It's a decent arrangement keeping with the original, and it sounds different, but there isn't a lot of flair in this remix. It's just kinda there, and the synths are maybe a bit too chirpy, it gets on my nerves a little. I pretty much agree with most other people on this thread. Not bad for a first remix though... and I love her other stuff like "Blue Reflection"
  5. My subject line sounds bad but it's oddly good. This is a very odd track, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry. On one hand it's a very sad song with (contrary to others opinions on here) very careful lyrics, in my opinion. If I just sit and listen, it makes me sad... However, then I remind myself that this IS based off of Megaman 3... and then my mind just goes "what the 'fudge'?!!!' and I almost want to laugh at the absurdity of this emotional song being based on an 8-bit video game. Also, contrary to what other reviewers think, the lyrics DO all have to do with Megaman 3, if you really think about it and you let your imagination go for a second and you bring your mind out of the realm of the repetive bullcrap story lines Capcom has tried to put over over endless sequels of the game. It's kind of like a Megaman 3 fan fic put into a song... But regardless, it's good. I think Injury sings very well on this track, and the remix isn't bad, either. It's one I'll probably listen to over and over again.
  6. I totally disagree with Gnam. *L* I hate the voice samples... I found them pretty annoying, especially since that's about all there was to the intro... I almost didn't listen to the whole song. I'll agree that the synths didn't sound high quality, but I wouldn't say the NSF is better.... and I think the synths may be purposely low quality to retain more of the NES feel. Overall, it was an OK remix, but not one of my favs.
  7. Project X is my fav!! And this track is great. It keeps the feel of the Metalman level, with awesome sounding synths and guitars. It's not huge on originality as the arrangement is nearly identical, but it just sounds awesome. It's a version of the Metalman theme you can blare in your car speakers . If they made a new Megaman with old characters (as if they ever will, but still...), this should be the theme for the new Metalman level!
  8. In the past few days I've gone nuts downloading just about every track possible from ocremix as I've got a week left to a 2 Mb connection. Most of the remixes I found to be slightly above average. A few stuck out as great. And so far, this one has stuck out as horrible. All there is to this is the original SMB song (doesn't appear to be souped up, seems exactly like the orginal) with a bunch of sound clips interjected all over the place in an insane manner. I find this not only lacking in creativity, but also EXTREMELY ANNOYING to listen to. Maybe there's genius later in the track, I don't know, but the first 30 seconds so horrified me I couldn't bear to listen to the rest and I don't plan on it. Try again, guys...
  9. Project X is my favorite remixer on ocremix. I love this intro mix, it's the best one in their MM3 set. Albeit short, but they keep it true to the original. This isn't their absolute best, the MM3 soundtrack was their first project, and their MM2 songs are generally much better... the best full MM2 soundtrack remix I've ever heard. Check out their website for full soundtrack remixes to both MM2 and MM3.
  10. If I had any talent... this is exactly what I would have done! It's like damn, this guy read my mind and did exactly what I wanted! I always imagined these two songs played together with a heavy metal style. I loved Project X's remix of the title track... and I thought their Wily's castle remix was good and an interesting translation, but it wasn't what I had hoped... this one, however delivers... nice going, Steve Pordon! I now only wish I could hear it done this way played by a full band rather than synthed...
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