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  1. Hmm...something different, yet very cool in a sense. The acoustic brings to me a feeling of 'getting tired of things'...but that may just be me. It's got a great feel to it, and my only qualms are the abrubt ending and the fact that I wanted more acoustic! >_< 7/10, -2 for the fact the acoustic should have been longer, -1 for the abrubt ending.
  2. Just simply put...DAMN! Original, catchy and just pretty damn cool, djcrono hit the spot on this remix. It's one of those mixes that when you listen to, you'll love it or hate it. And I loved it. The French rapping over terra's theme and a bit of bass sounded very good. And if it has nonsense lyrics I don't want to know them, they just SOUND good. It's one of those times a voice is a good instrument. My only problem is that at the very end, it seems to get a bit jumbled together with the guitar, background AND rapping, so it made it a bit confusing. It was bold...but was it...daring? Altogether, this bold and daring mix gets a 9/10, -1 for the confuzzeling and jumbled end.
  3. When I first came to OC Remix, this was the first thing recommended to me, and I'm sure the hell glad it was. This remix keeps the same mood as the original, and the guitar sounds great. It's the right tone (is that the right word?) for the piece IMO, and is one of those instuments that instill feelings. The trumpets at the beginning, while they sound a bit fake, I still beleive are good. And whatever synth it was at the beginning, it sounds good in the background during the intro. Later through it, the drums seem to take its place, and quite well. Altogether an awesome remix, and as an RPer (Role-Playing, fanfiction), I must say it help me to write quite a lot. Also a good listen any other time. ;; 9.7/10, -.3 for the little fakeness of the trumpets.
  4. My friends, THIS is punk rock. Do not be listening to Good Charlotte or any of those types of bands, and call it punk rock. No, THIS is where it's at. Yet another great remix from Ailsean. And from Chrono Cross too, one of the games I loved the music from. Radical Dreamers was a good song IMO, and this just improves it. Instead of vocals I can't understand (but that sound quite good nonetheless), voila! A guitar, of which I am a big fan of. The drums give it a good feel, and it has all been put together quite well, considering the transition from a soft song to a punk rock one. And just as it get a little dull and loopy, it ends nicely. Thumbs up to you Ailsean, you've made another great remix. 10/10!
  5. Truely a great mix. The guitar is high-quality, and the flute (at least I'm pretty sure it is a flute) does a nice job keeping the same mood as the guitar. My favorite part is with Steiner's theme, when the guitar kicks in for the first half. It's a solid yet very rough sounding guitar, which is just the way I like it. My only complaint is just a preference one, and it's the fact that sometimes the guitar sounded a bit too 'soft' in my opinion, meaning it seemed to roll more than hit. I don't know if that made sense however. Anyway, this mix gets a rating of 9/10, -1 for the parts the guitar seemed to get soft.
  6. Hmm...this mix is quite a good one. Though it doesn't stray from the original composure, you have to admit, it changes the 'mood' of the song. It's now one of my favorite songs that I RP to, and right now I only have about 20. For the critiqing, it's good through the whole mix, those two 'wrong notes' I don't really notice, and I loved the guitar. The synth in the background adds a nice touch, along with the percussion sounds. In the beginning it sounds more like something shaking than drums to me, but that's my opinion. And the ending, as before mentioned, sounds like it should be more. It just ends too soon. So, compared to my other favorites, this song gets an 8/10, -2 points just for preference, but as a stand alone gets a 9/10, -1 point because I think the ending came too soon.
  7. Well, as you can see, I'm a bit new to these forums. But I've been visiting OC Remix for a little less than a year, which is when I discovered it. Since then, I've downloaded more than 300 Remixes, but have kept only an approximate 60, the others not fitting to my...taste. That said, InTheAtrium rocks. I like the guitar, and I'm a obsessed with finding good guitars and pianos. This song has the former, and I'm thoroughly impressed. I enjoy the lyrics, and I've even tried singing along, but, I sing as well as Kurt Cobain would if he were to get severely drunk, high and took a few sleeping pills. Jason has an okay voice, and while I think he should take lessons to develop it, it's still enjoyable. My only problem is the ending. It should have ended at 5:26 or within that little space of emptyness. So, to start my ratings whenever I talk about a Remix, I give this song an 8/10. -1 point for the voice that needs a wee bit of work, and -1 for the ending.
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