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  1. wow it's almost unfair how good this is... i'm really impressed
  2. personally the section that u describe as bad is my favorite part of the piece don't get ur problem with it.... and everyone seems to be bashing the end i thought it was creative one of my favorite pieces found from the site but maybe it's because ff7 is my fave game of ALL time
  3. you could not be anymore wrong... intelligent life on earth DON'T LISTEN TO THIS GUY this was a great remix in my opinion i'm glad that he kept the repeating pattern but he kept it subtle which makes it, to me, better than the original, in which the repeating "background" phrase was overpowering the harp arpeggios just made my day and so did the choices of synths (vocalizations synths done nicely) like the ambience too very mellow very soothing good stuff
  4. the original was a work of genius and i fell in love with it when i played CT this is a great remix of the original altho it is closer to the original than "Times of Distortion" i think it has a distinct aura surrounding it that separates it from the original work. the drums could have backed off a bit at the end tho found them to be a bit annoying but overall great job
  5. what can i say this is great work this is another that took out the repeating background heard in the original that was originally my favorite part but i didn't even notice it's absence in this piece that just shows how nicely done it was beautiful job
  6. love this especially the piano echoing the synth around 1:12 very nicely done could have used some vocal synths tho (hehe or maybe that's just my obsession with them)
  7. wow that's all i can say really i downloaded this and i listened to it like 50 times in a row amazing amazing amazing one thing tho the the distortion synths towards the end i didn't like as much i would have liked it if they were more solid still this is one of my fave pieces from this site fabulous
  8. ick that's all i have to say everything that i DON'T want in a techno piece
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