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  1. Is it just me or are there as many people that hate ff9 as there are that love it?
  2. Yeh, Rol is a toughie. I still hate him more than the others, regardless of difficulty level. Still, so long as I have a few levels under my belt and either a good melee weapon (Hu/Ra) or a few levels of Zonde-derivitive (Fo) I can get through in a few tries. I'd have to say the hardest boss of all time is the one at the very end of arcade Space Invaders. Anyone ever beat the game? Anyone? I rest my case (the one at the tail end of Galaga is also a bitch...) *sigh* I thought De Rol Lie was hard. Then I went into the mines on Ultimate. Hehe. The gilchichs now are hard as HELL. normally, one attack knocks them over, right? But NO. It takes more like 4 now. I'm now level 87, and i'm just giving up on Ultimate for awhile. I'm gonna beat all the hunter's guild quests on very hard. The mines did some major damage to my self-confidence I should try to make a PSO thread again. heh im in on that thread mines on ULT are nothing compared to the runes. while De Rol Lie is hard, i think Dark Flow is tougher. there is no way to beat it past the hard difficulty without scape dolls (seriously, i tried like 30 times). soooo yea. Dark Flow on PSO ep 1&2 gets my vote for hardest boss
  3. In my time as a lurker, i never came across the previous ver of this song, Im very fond of this one though. This song is somthing I could easily sleep to at night, if i left it playing. I like the subtle but firm presence of the dezo theme announcing itself, stating its existance while not being overbearing.
  4. "burntmota" and "mamabrain" are two of my favorite pieces on this site. It really doesnt have anything to do with the music itself so much as the fact that these two pieces introduced me to Overclocked Remix. I've only recently joined the forums, but i've lurked this site for a year or more now and these two songs are the cause for it as always good stuff, and if your a fan of phantasy star this song is worth a listen.....or 2.........or 3
  5. Im a long time lurker of this site, coming on infrequently and listening to stuff every once and a while but it was this remix (and 'burntmota' =djpretzel=) that first grabbed my attention. Since finding these two pieces i've downloaded and listend to alot of remixs on this site, and am overall very impressed. This particular song is one of my favorites from phantasy star 2, the battle with mother brain. This remix does it justice in every way i can think of, and my only complaint is that i have to turn the speakers way up just to hear it.
  6. At first listening, this sounds like its going to be soft, then it gets a funky drum beat. Honestly, it took me a few listenings to figure out if I liked it or not and yea, i do. Its diffrent, keeps the original feel of the music whilst expanding on it. The little arabian nights thing that was thrown in at 1:35 sounded good and captured my attention again just as it was starting to fade. Good piece.
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