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  1. I have set up an IPv6-only mirror at http://ocremix.furry.be/. The server is located in Aalborg, Denmark, and the connectivity is provided by Phonera (Port80) at Copenhagen, Denmark and Oslo, Norway. Feedback much appreciated! P.S. Isn't it about time that we had a new torrent now that there are over 1800 remixes?
  2. I would recommend Pac-Attack for the SNES (not Mega Drive!). When I start listening I get hooked.
  3. 85,944,968 2.93M/s in 31s From Denmark (on 100/100Mbs) Speed seems to fluctuate up and down a lot between 2 and 3MB/s.
  4. I most often listen using a good set of cans and HRTF using ffdshow audio (Mixer->Output speakers configuration->HRTF) - although apparently Vista has hrtf built-in, I am still using XP. However, if I feel like making the floor vibrate I'll switch over to my amp and use a flat eq. My favorite movie for this so far is FF7 Advent Children. It has a wonderful LFE track <3
  5. This is one of my all time favorite songs, one which I never get tired of listening to, no matter what mood I am in. Every element fits in perfectly and makes it a dreamy experience. Brilliant.
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