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  1. A case of mistaken identity there Raven . The beginning sounds almost as if it should take of to some Neptune Towers track. 10/10 a masterpiece. The drums are very static and that only enhances the "ambient effect".
  2. K now see, that tune just isn't meant to be remade that way. Even if you would have made it exact the same but better qual or better drums or whatever, it's just not made to be like that. The arrangement is almost paradoxal. Anyways, good look with your next remix.
  3. Well i didn't like it, just being honest. For me to say i like this one, i have to be morally insane.
  4. This is definatly nothing for me. I find it disgusting to make such a nonesense remix of such a good original. It's like the technocovers of für elise...
  5. There's not much i like about this remix, it doesn't even feel that jazzy, neither is it original. Sounds are abit lame, and artificial. The drumsounds are very boring. Not recommended.
  6. Great remix, very nice sounding distortion there for the guitar agreed. Much love. Is midee a alias for someone, or is this actually his first remix here?
  7. Indeed, but the instruments still sound to artificial. Pretty boring panning... i don't recommend you to listen to this.
  8. Nah, this is no good. Very bad remix, no talent. It's disgusting.
  9. Nice Arrangement, could use some work tho. Still very nice. Much credits to the genius.
  10. Couldn't say it's super, but for being trance i believe it's ok.
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