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  1. and "my baby" I agree that the vocals make the song. The lyrics aren't important, it's the way they sound that matters. i finished listening the 1386 remixes available here (at least once ) and i also agree that the vocals make that song n°1. when i listen to it (for the 50th time) , I dream that I am who I want to be , That I’m successful and I’m free , Life's no longer a mystery , I’m a hero on the big screen ... sorry , dont remember the lyrics of the curent song ; just the sexy voice that make cry every girls and could turn you gay ^^
  2. it was submited 5 years ago in 2000. Overall quality of the mixes evolved. Can't wait to be in 2010 ^^
  3. very relaxing and the violon and in general the quality of the instruments uplevel that song - definetly a professional remix. maybe because the rhodes melody is quiet similar to the "last wave" song (not splash wave).
  4. hello, i just made a remix (my first videogame remix) of Ghouls'N Ghosts, the same main theme than the one djpretzel remixed. The only problem is that I discovered djpretzel's ghouls'N ghosts remix after I finished mine ... and i just my eye to cry because that remix really kick ass ! It's so professional that i really hope all remixes are not so great because it's not encouraging for a newbye like me to hear all the work and talent behind that topnotch remix. if they release one day a ghouls'n ghosts movie , i hope they will first get inspired by your song and better, they use it and put in image that amazing atmosphere you recreated (it reminds me the atmosphere of some of the best zombies movies > dario argento soundtrack : goblins music !! ) I'm now taking that remix as a "reference" to reach for my future mixes. as you can see with my Ghouls'N ghost remix that you can download here : http://www.chez.com/nextz/remix.htm I've lotsa work to progress. Anyway it's my first remix Djpretzel, i need to improve my english to find the right words to describe what you rules but it's a fact.
  5. hello, that's my first post on oc but i already downloaded more than 80 remixes and i wanted to say that this remix is by far the best i have ever heard on oc. Ok it's quiet minimalist but that's a good point : not to "surcharge" remixes with tons of effects. That song is so melodramatic and the guitar bass is uplifting and giving it a jazzy blue touch, with the masterpiece piano melody. I'm a fan of mitsuda's work and now of the pancake chef's excellent "remixes" or reworks (like dubbing the body & johnny bike). Keep it up !
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