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  1. I agree that the guitar and bass work are kickin', but I've got to disagree with everyone here about the intro. It's actually quite good, and on the first listen, I came up with this: Imagine you're codename Shatterhand. You've been sent to take out an enemy base, but something feels wrong. You've just passed through four corridors and there's no activity. No guards, no traps, no ambushes. You start to feel that maybe the intel was bad when... *screetch* bam, three cyborgs right around the corner. You crack your knuckles, grin, and mutter something about kicking ass. *proceed into main portion* Now they start coming from all sides, but it doesn't matter. You're dishing out the punishment. They're throwing everything at you in the hopes of slowing you down. Fat chance of that happening. By the time the song's ended, you're teleporting out after leaving a wake of death and destruction.
  2. There's your problem: college networks and BitTorrent don't mix. Most, if not all, colleges protect their networks with high security firewalls. When you're behind a firewall, BitTorrent won't see any other firewalled clients downloading that torrent. That means all of your connections are to people that aren't behind firewalls, and there's a lot less of them than people behind firewalls. You could fix this problem, but you'd have to be the systems administrator of your college network (snowball's chance in Hell, and even if you were, the administration probably wouldn't want you to create holes in their security systems). Also, many colleges are putting bandwidth caps on filesharing programs, and because of the way BitTorrent works, it gets capped as well.
  3. I'm having mixed thoughts about this mix (no pun intended). On the one hand, the instruments and SFX keep that creepy Egyptian feeling. On the other hand, the slow tempo for most of the song takes away from the feeling that it's a Sonic song. It also sounds a little uncoordinated. It's OK, but it needs work in a few areas. Also: I hated Sandopolis Zone because: 1. Too frikken long 2. Impossible to find any giant rings 3. Scary ghosts Yes, the ghosts were scary, at first (I tried to avoid opening that capsule as Sonic for the first few times), until you remember the jumping and lever pulling paterns for the level. But I do remember that there are at least 2 giant rings in act 1 and one in act 2. All I can remember is that you should be going higher than the game makes you think you should. The only thing I really hated about Sandopolis was the boss for Knuckles. For those of you who never played S&K, the Knuckles story line is shorter than Sonic's, about 2 zones shorter. To make up for this, it seems the designers decided to make the bosses for Knuckles harder. If you ever manage to get the game, by the time you get Knuckles to the Sandopolis boss(who, by the way, moves twice as fast as the one Sonic fights), you'll see what I mean.
  4. I actually heard this ReMix on a video game music radio show called Ultra Mega OK! before I found it on OC, and thought it was funny. Sure the sound quality isn't the greatest (it helps to use a DSP while listening), but the use of just an acustic guitar and a cellphone is quite creative. This has become the official song that I play when I get annoyed at cellphones (I don't have one). Maybe Zid can make a ringtone out of this?
  5. Very nice ReMix. It definately has that Prime feel in it (Heck, it even got me to start MP over and try to beat it with a game time of less than 24 hours). Yes, it does have some depressing parts, but it also has some upbeat parts to me (think emotional rollercoaster). Overall, I give it a 9/10.
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