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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm heading along to the above (http://www.gamemusicconnect.com) and I was wondering if any OC people were going as well? If so, it might be nice to meet up and have a chat/beer at some point.

    It looks like it should be good fun, and quite useful. A bunch of good speakers, including Martin O'Donnell of Halo fame.

    Let me know!

    (I'll post an update as to how it went afterwards, complete with low quality phone pictures...you lucky people.)

  2. It's fucking hard work getting in, and even if you do - unless you're at the absolute top of the tree - you aren't going to earning the same amount you would comparatively if you stuck it out in a normal job. You can make a living out of it, plenty of people here are, myself included, and it's doing something you love.

    Worth the risk IMO.

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