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  1. Yeah that live version of fasten your seatbelts is killer. Not too much of a fan of Hold Your Colour,too much rock not enough dnb there. The album version was more to my liking.

    I'd like to see them hook up for a live version of painkiller, that would be sick because freestylers are amazing live.

  2. Erm with Tau i tend to vespid rush/kroot.

    Fire Warriors, whilst uber on a unit to unit basis, are nullified by the fact you need to micro them insanely well in early T1, Whereas Kroot can hold you up til t2 and then yonder to krootox!

    Also, IG FTW

  3. I'd enjoy being able to control a little speedy thing flying so close to a big ship that their guns can't aim for it.

    You can, theres an interceptor ship type which goes stupid fast and has a reduced signature radius.

  4. Wow, is that the BoB Titan? I almost want to subscribe just so I can get to a point where I can actually see it.

    AFAIK its a sisi screenshot, i think BoB has the Amarr titan? It could be ASCN's but...lol they got it blown up.

  5. It's too bad most people waste their trial on solo missions/mining. Once you get into a good corp, the game really kicks up.

    Indeed. Eve's PvE is LAME It's all about the player created content and PvP.

  6. Well, in my opinion its not a grindy game. There are aspects which are grindy, but the beauty of eve is that you dont actually have to take part in those areas if you dont want to. An example is mining. I've gone my whole Eve career without mining a single piece of ore.

    Unlike most other MMORPG's where there is a clearly defined 'endgame' and clearly designed progression, EvE puts it squarely in the hands of the player. Apart from some NPC controlled high security areas, all the territory is owned by rival factions, and the economy, barring shuttles, is completely player driven.

    And grinding missions? eurgh. Eve's beauty, in my opinion, is in its PvP system. Its not just killing the other guy, its taking over his space, destroying his stations and basically waging all out war on him!

    That and there are ships with lasers which actually go 'pew pew'.

  7. Well, who plays? what corp/alliance are you in? how long have you been playing? what ships do you fly? PvPer/Industrialist/Carebear?

    For those who don't play, i suggest going to http://eve-online.com/ and downloading the trial version. It's a nice free form alternative to the repetitive grind fests of other MMORPG's. Also, send a mail in game to Ellywu if you need help :)

  8. Hybrid eh?

    perhaps add some orchestral flavourings to it? ala wide angle/i choose noise ( which incidentally is an amazing album, all the orchestral music was composed/conducted/orchestrated by Gregson Williams)

    The main beat is very Hybrid-esque, but hm..well, basically when i listen to hybrid they have several different types of songs, the most relevant being to this piece the breakbeat styled song and the 4/4 housey stomper.

    Examples would be Beachcoma (wide angle) for a breakbeat style and Higher than a skyscraper(Morning Sci-Fi.)for the 4/4 This track's beat is more in the vein of a 4/4 beat, and i think this is just personal preference but i find the more breaky Hybrid tracks to be more pleasing to the ear.

    Also your mixes often sound very natural, very analogue in their nature compared to a hybrid mix-down.

    Still, i commend you for something which sounds even remotely like Hybrid and retains some zircon awesomeness at the same time, i look forward to whatever updates await.

  9. Ok, after being rejected i've decided to revisit this piece.

    Here are some alterations i've made to it.

    Be warned at 1.49 there are some audio glitches, i'll have them ironed out in the next version.

    Things i've changed:

    Added more beef to the brass hits.

    Added additional melodies + harmonies.

    Added high end brass.

    Removed some parts to make the song shorter and flow better.

    Enjoy this revision so far

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