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  1. afaik your character remains even if you cancel subscription. It used to be the case that you could put a long skill (cruiser V or something) on training, then cancel for a month and come back and it would be done. I think this has now changed with the introduction of a skill queue.

    Incidentally, it's about time they added a skill queue so I can train all the piddly little EWAR skills etc without having to log in every 8 hours or so!

  2. Glad to see this thread is still going!

    I have recently returned to EVE after a year+ hiatus. Lots has changed, I haven't tried out any of the new exploration stuff yet, and I'm sad to see my NOSdomi has been nerfed!

    Feel free to add me to buddy lists. Character name is Ellywu.

  3. Hi everyone,

    It's certainly been a while. This is my first attempt at a song in around a year or more. It's a dance type remix of the Halo 3 menu music. Some things to note:-

    1) It needs a lot of mastering. Reverb/EQing all that stuff.

    2) It's not finished (hence WIP).

    Apart from that..Enjoy!


  4. Updated again. Comments about doing too much are noted.

    So far, from the submitted to this version I have added:

    1) Changed the drum break to include several variations/effects.

    2) Added reverb to the intro and main drum pattern

    3) Modified the bassline in various sections.

    4) added various new synthlines.

    5) Put back in the first vocal sample (which actually says 'remember that time we got kicked out of biology for playing with matchbox cars? yeah? who's retarded now?!')

    6) extended the breakdown and added brass/choirs/filters.


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