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  1. Wish I could, but I gotta finish some other projects by then. =P Your work's coming out great though!
  2. Though at the same time, it's possible Brad still worked on the track and simply wasn't credited. From the interview posted ealier in this thread: I know this isn't MJ we're talking about but maybe he's not big on being credited?
  3. Correction for the song "The Early Crow Gets the Snail (Wind Crowrang vs. Crystal Snail)" on the The Grand Maverick Remix Battle 2010 portion: Composers are Noriyuki Iwadare & Yuki Iwai. Noriyuki Iwadare specifically composed X7's Wind Crowrang stage theme (listed as "Higher The Air~Air Force Stage" on the OST). http://vgmdb.net/album/2179 and http://www.squareenixmusic.com/composers/iwadare/biography.shtml for details.
  4. I'm rooming with Brushfire Thu, Fri, and Sat nights, so I've dropped my room reservation. Glad to not have to pay so much out of my ass!
  5. This style works very well for this song. Great work! =}
  6. Thank you! This will take longer than expected to finish since I just handed off the previous version as my final but I still plan to upgrade the samples to make a more fleshed-out version. Stay tuned...
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely address these points as I get closer to my finished version. =} P.S. Source material here: and more originally here:
  8. I've finished orchestrating this in Sibelius! https://soundcloud.com/kalebgrace/saga-frontier-ii-einsamkeit/s-Hul4F Now time to upgrade those samples...
  9. Here's an early work-in-progress of a SaGa Frontier 2 arrangement I'm doing for my final project in Brad Fuller's Digital Orchestration class. For this assignment, I'm basing the arrangement off the piano version, but I'd like to add parts from the OST/game version afterwards. I have about 75% of the track covered in Sibelius right now, but I also have to stack up more brass and make other tweaks. After that's done, I plan to take it into Logic Pro and use the Kontakt Factory Orchestral samples with automation, and possibly some Vienna Symphony stuff too if I have enough free time to get into Studio B at school. Again, this is unfinished, and it's using somewhat mediocre samples right now (Sibelius 7 Sound Set), but any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Game: SaGa FRONTIER II Song: Einsamkeit / Loneliness / Composer: Masashi Hamauzu Link: https://soundcloud.com/kalebgrace/saga-frontier-ii-einsamkeit/s-Hul4F (UPDATED Dec 07)
  10. Well, I made a reservation for my room. Unfortunately I could only get in the 4th-6th and I needed 3rd-6th, which means the first night I may have to sleep in the lobby or go next door to another hotel. LOL If anyone is interested in splitting costs with me for my room Fri/Sat nights, let me know.
  11. I've been looking forward to this for some time. The upgrades to existing songs is also greatly welcomed. Thank you very much! =D
  12. I'm going to be there this year. I'm already pre-registered. It'll be my first MAGFest. I'm flying in from California and will be staying at either the Gaylord or a nearby hotel; whatever will be the best deal. I'm open to sharing a room with someone if we can lessen the costs. I also have a question. It seems most of the events (at least the DJ stuff) happens Thu, Fri, Sat. Is Sunday mostly just the "pack up your shit and leave" day?
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