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  1. I still play, but I'm not online now. I will be when AE drops.
  2. I have a bet with a friend of mine that no Nintendo console will ever launch for more than $300 US. This thing better not break that; I really like the hat I'd have to eat.
  3. Is anyone else totally unexcited by the prospect of a new home console? I'm pretty skeptical about this new Nintendo console, but if Sony or Microsoft announced something at E3, I wouldn't care at all either. Maybe I'm getting old.
  4. I would explode with joy if this turned out to be true. I'm on World 7 now, and I've really enjoyed this game, except for the rocket barrel stages. FUCK those stages.
  5. We're pretty sure it'll eventually be released as a patch for consoles.
  6. I don't know if you guys have been following the weekly changelogs on SRK, but the developers have been discussing the changes to four characters in the cast each week for SSF4 Arcade Edition. This week they did Makoto, and I'm pretty excited about her changes:
  7. I mean I hate everything about him. I can't even bring myself to play as him.
  8. I hate Fuerte with a passion. He's such an annoying character, from design to playstyle.
  9. Yeah, a good Tager is a pretty tough nut to crack.
  10. I'm always down to play but all you guys play on suXBox
  11. 18/50, although I did manage to get every one below the chart!
  12. I'll be online later tonight if anyone wants to play. PSN= JamStunna
  13. I have it for PS3, add me: JamStunna Also I played Makoto up to 3,000 BP. She is really awful EDIT- I'll be on tomorrow morning if you want to play
  14. I played a Ryu today that combo'd me with jab jab m. kick m. punch ex fireball. I wanted to throw my stick at the TV.
  15. I know Freeform doesn't start for three more days, but I wrote this yesterday and I'm submitting it for the Freeform competition.
  16. Okay, I decided to include all the custom music I have. 25 songs, 404 MB download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4TM43M1W Here's the track list: Please note- I tried to use songs that lasted at least five minutes, to cover the length of the average Brawl Minus match. However, for songs that fell significantly short of 5:00, I just doubled the song. So no looping, the song will end and then start again, and if you're still playing after that, the music will stop.
  17. I'm glad the underwater levels are gone too. Glimmer's Galleon was by far the worst stage in DKC 2.
  18. You'll have to bear with my lack of skill for a few weeks, I stopped playing CT when SSF4 came out and I'm still not acclimated to playing BB with a stick.
  19. After whining incessantly about dlc characters on several forums, I think I've worn myself out. I'll most likely be picking this up for PS3.
  20. It's pretty amazing. I'll post the files either later tonight or tomorrow.
  21. The lack of love for Brawl Minus in this thread disturbs me. Anyway, I've made my own BRSTMs, including a few of VG mixes (Electric Clouds, Urban Uppercut and Zealous Entropy, plus one or two more). If you want them, let me know.
  22. So it took a while, but it looks like everyone on PSN has gone back to maining Ryu. It must be really gratifying to play a character who can turn any random poke into a four hit combo.
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