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  1. Finally, some simplicity in a good way. Thank you.
  2. Another excellent contribution from goat. It feels somewhat slow with the intro, as things are kind of dry until around 2:30, and not much can be said for the quality of the instruments, but when that guitar hits, it gets pretty damn juicy. And from 4:27 on, it's just plain awesome. My only real criticisms would be the sound quality and about a minute of superfluous intro. Otherwise, it's gold. Thanks again, goat.
  3. Right off the bat, this remix is striking and catchy. I like the aggressive take on the water theme, it's well suited to piano, and generally well executed. The sound quality is just a wee bit suspect at times, but it hardly detracts from the piece as a whole. Excellent work as usual, Bladiator. Please do try not to hit the bottle too hard, save that brain for more remixing!
  4. Excellent job done here, as the rock presence on OCR continues to grow, which is an encouraging trend, rather than "OMG schala techno!!!" Gripes aside, I really like this mix and the wonderful contrast it gives to Rayza's R.A.H Mix. Good guitar with a live, gritty feel. Recommended.
  5. I had mixed feelings about this mix at first, but it's grown on me since. First, the guitar work is SWEET. Second, my main gripe, which was the lyrics (a bold choice for OCR), are actually somewhat well done in that they are just cliche enough to fit, but not so cliche that they put you to sleep. I've grown to appreciate the corniness, and instead just love to listen to this well-executed rock ballad. Good stuff.
  6. From the second the theme kicked in on this ReMix, I knew I was going to enjoy it. The swamp theme has always been a very emotive piece, and... wait, what's this? COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DIRECTION. An interesting theme on the Topsail theme, with a nice spin on the original melody. This piece has some excellent flow to it, and I enjoy the wind instruments, which go nicely with the theme of the piece. Overall, a strong first showing, and the commitment to the work really shows throughout. It's nice to see something different done with the DKC2 source material; no offense to Prot, but it's nice to see the veritable monopoly being broken up. Well done. EDIT: I'd also like to point out the irony in this pieces resemblences to Protricity's FFV mix, when DKC2 is undisputably Proticity's turf. I'll shut up now.
  7. Hm. This remix warrants me logging into my account for the first time in at least 4 months. I've been downloading obsessively from Overclocked lately (bear with me, I'm still on 56K), and I went song by song through Chrono Trigger. Coming across this piece, I must say, this is one of the most adeptly exectued remixes I have downloaded (out of 555, to be precise). Listening to this song, you can really see and appreciate all the orchestration (no pun intended) that went into this remix. I could rant all day about how zircon and Unknown have taken fairly limited source material and turned it into a Orchestral-Techno epic, but what I really love about this piece is the subtlety. There is so much nuance and so many careful adjustments scattered about this remix, and so it succeeds in keeping this piece from ever becoming repetitive. One instance that occurs to me is the development of a more atonal sound, just before the techno beat kicks in. The techno shatters through, and I'm thinking, okay, that's it for the orchestral, but no more than 10 seconds later, it comes powering back in a perfect fusion with the electronic elements. Beautiful, simply beautiful. The one suggestion that occurs to me is the piano at the beginning sounding a bit too electronic. Humanizing it a bit, or most preferably getting a recording of some real piano would be some very sweet icing on an already outstanding cake. But that may just be me, I've been listening to too much kLuTz and Dhsu recently. Overall, great, great work that merits recognition, and, with any luck, will stand as an example for what remixers can aspire to achieve in this largely undeveloped genre.
  8. So good, or no good? SO GOOD! What can I say, I absolutely love this track. It's dancy, it's probably the single best trance track I've heard on OCR, and it jumped right on to my FF playlist. I can't get enough of it, and it's just one of those tracks that you can't help but dance to. Simple wonderful. And I agree with TCK, the section from 2:43 to 3:10 makes this track. That effect where the note start to flow together (sorry, don't know my music theory) is awesome! For me, there is no downside to this song, unless you detest trance. A must download. Excellent Work, FFmusic Dj.
  9. This is one of those songs where from the first second I heard it, I knew I was going to like it, and it just keeps getting better. This is fun, funky, and makes me want to get up and dance. And that's no lie. Rayza is quickly moving up the charts as one of my favorite Remixers as I discover more of his work. I loved Guile (R.A.H. Mix), I loved Green Hill ('95 Euroclub Mix), I loved Ice Cap (Frozen Knuckles) Remix, and I love this. Another job well done by Rayza.
  10. I really like this mix. The piano, electronic and otherwise, is well executed, and the rhyming, while a bit cheesy, draws me into the song well. I also though the simple text "S-G-X-X-X, M-C..." was a nice touch. Overall, fun to listen to, and generally cool. A good ReMix for a good song. Highly reccomended, especially for DDR fans.
  11. my thoughts exactly....it's laid back, it's chill, but underneith it's complex enough to ponder over. good stuff. I'll point out that the track is done by SAiNT 420. I'll just leave it at that. Anyway, I like this mix. It was one of the first songs I downloaded on OCR, and I've yet to hear anything that resembles it in the least. You won't come across a mix like this too often... and I think that's too bad. I agree that the soloing begins to get tedious after a while, but I love the mixing of different guitars, and smooth flow of the song. It's relaxing, and satisfying. Thumbs up.
  12. Upon further review, I have deemed that this piece is still amazing, and easily in the top five of the 200 songs I have downloaded from this site. And ater listening to it, oh... 40 times now, I've figured out why this is such a wonderful piece. It's powerfully evocative, an emotional intensifier. If I'm happy when I listen to this song, life is good. If I'm down when I listen to this song, it will make me cry. It's hard to do that. Really hard. But McVaffe continues to make it look easy. Hats off to McVaffe.
  13. Upon giving this mix a second chance, I'm going to rescind my previous comment about this piece, and give it a thumbs up. The beat is a little hard on my ears, and muffles the rest of the track a bit, but otherwise, this is a really well done mix. Clear vision and clean execution. Also, the blending of genres is almost seamless. Well done.
  14. The best word I can find for it is "funky." It's not really a dance track, but I know that when I listen to it, my foot'll be tappin'. I think it's a well arranged piece, and it's easy on the ears. Very good. Street Fighter II is one of those games where I say "Man, I wish I had downloaded these ReMixes sooner," and this song is one of the reasons why. Good work.
  15. If I recall correctly, when you beat her, she drops a horn item, and if you play it on the overworld map, an even harder boss appears to fight you. Have fun with that. The actual final boss of Star Ocean 2 wasn't too hard, though. My party of Claude, Rena, Ashton, and Dias, all equipped with bunny shoes, pretty much charged him, and threw all their killer moves on him at once. Mirror Slice was hitting so fast, the boss couldn't even move, much less get a spell off. He didn't last 10 seconds, haha. Good times.
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