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  1. hey its rm! wow, so i'm not much for rap but i'm giving it a listen and its better than all the shit on the radio i iike the fact that the rap actually has a tune to it and you actually sing keep it real, mojo man!
  2. just finished an hour ago when i swore i thought harry was going to snuff it, i was really depressed but at the same time knew that it would kind of make him be the perfect hero in a sense now that i've finished, and he's not dead, i'm not sure what to think either way i'm totally depressed cos i've been reading this series since i was eight and now there's nothing left oh well, back to my depeche mode cds and partypoker.net i suppose
  3. This started out as a piano ballad, and then a more industrial cover. By accident I started experimenting around with different samples from other DM tracks and soon enough, I got what I had before me. Other Depeche Mode songs used (See if you can spot them all!) "People Are People" "Construction Time Again" "Policy of Truth" "Blasphemous Rumours" I've also been attempting to use samples I took off of "Dream On" and "Everything Counts", but since this is my first time working like this, I'm finding a few difficulties in some things. Please bear in mind this is the first time I've sampled other tracks into my own like this. Also, bear in mind that there are no lyrics yet, so the song will sound repetitive. For those of you that know the words, singing along makes this arrangement much better. I hope you enjoy, any comments or suggestions are welcome and appreciated. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=710000 Also, for clarification. I used FruityLoops Studio 5 to create this and used CoolEdit Pro for all the sampling work
  4. listen no one in this world will ever be morten harket no matter how hard they try your attempt at singing was very good nonetheless, but i'd stick to the synth version overall, its a very good arrangement, a little too close to the original for my liking, but a very good effort good luck
  5. and please don't shoot me for saying so but the beginning of your song sounds just like the beginning to michael jackson's "don't stop til you get enough" me likey :] and i know i double posted consider it a bump
  6. oh, man haven't played GW in a while, but its summer so what the hell figured i'd start new to get the hang of things again, i'm still pre-searing and all so if you want to do some low level crap with me or just chat or whatever, my character is Dear Fairlight don't ask, i get inspiration in odd places
  7. wow, nuts i'm liking this alot and as odd as this may sound this sounds like something i'd do, like, just building on that bassline i'll see what i can do, awesome source, man good luck everyone!
  8. i'm seeing them in like a month excitement
  9. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Deus Ex
  10. congrats, nutsy! highly anticipating what you've got for next orc!
  11. i actually think the glove looked pretty cool although i can imagine standing in your room with that would look pretty dumb, and the super scope never looked half as retarded
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