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  1. not my first run, but MP wasn't too hard. I think i died maybe once or twice. this is another one of those games where the last boss is one of the easiest (im talking about MP's essence) Metroid Prime was to easy, it took me 4 tries on normal to beat the first and second forms, and when I got to it in Hard mode I beat it in one try. Or at least that's what I remember, this all happened in one night with my friend.
  2. Nice fast-paced mix, this is what I will be locked in my room with, don't knock, I can't hear it.
  3. I like this one, but that's not saying much, as I enjoy pretty much any FF7 remix. Good job, I don't know what else to say.
  4. I agree, this is very good. And a lot better than I probably could have done. I really like this one, I can't say very much, except for how great the sound is. after I heard the original i thought it was great already.
  5. I love this song because it's a great song and the game was great too, now i weep for the memories not of the games but of those close in time to those games. oh well, I have to play it again, the game is just to good.......
  6. good.....maybe sometimes a little variation is better.....because i agree with everyone else and say that this mix is to repetetive.
  7. Holy crap.........I love the acoustics, this is just one more reason to worship great mixers and musicians........
  8. Without a doubt, my favorite Final Fantasy remix, this is a great mix, i repeat myself, without a doubt. although i wish i knew exactly what they were saying. I never really liked how it was put into the game the way it was, but now it is so much better.
  9. Holy Crap , this is the best remix i have heard for this game, including all of the other remixes from people that dont post on this site. I think analoq should get something more than the above average recognition.... umm, I'm not saying that this isn't good enough...............hmmm......
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