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  1. This song is AMAZING! Everytime the main part kicks in at 1:01 and thereafter, I think of flying through clouds. The production value is awesome, what gear did you use? Simply amazing...DOWNLOAD TODAY!
  2. Check out modarchive.com and scene.org and rip some samples modarchive also has some free samplepacks for download. It's OK to rip the samples? HOLY CRAP, WHY HAVEN'T I DONE THIS BEFORE! Thanks dude!
  3. Hi! I've fallen in love with trackers again (always a love/hate relationship) so I'm looking for sites with good free .wav samples (especially since Hollow Sun discontinued theirs ). I've got 909/808/707/MC-303/LinnDrum/R-8/Simmons/Syncussion/TD-7/Spasm drumkits (all .wavs), and 476 .wav breakbeats so I'm covered on the drum side. Not to mention 57 TB-303 samples... As for General MIDI stuff, I have a Yamaha PSR-290, which despite being a "kiddie" keyboard, has some VERY realistic GM (actually XG) sounds. They're not like Motif great, but with some proper sequencing, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference. No, what I'm looking for synth .wavs , stuff like Juno hoovers, analog synths, and some good quality digital stuff, like Roland D-50's or Korg M1 (I desperately need the M1 piano!). Also, even though I'm on dialup, I'd be more than happy to share samples (at a reasonable transfer rate, my 56K really sucks).
  4. OK, I dunno how many people will be into this, but I thought I'd share, cuz it's 2! 2! 2 VSTs in one handy runtime executable! Yes, It's the Nokia Audio Suite 1.1. To make a long story short, it's a VST that emulates the sound almost every modern Nokia cell-phone (even the N-Gage). It has two VST's, one is the tone-generation (or PCM MIDI) portion, and the other VST is a SPEAKER MODELLER. Yes, if you want a crazy effect, THIS IS IT. Try it out, according to MusicThing: http://forum.nokia.com/main/0,6566,034-62,00.html Useless? Definitely. Cool? Absolutely. EDIT: Dunno how well it works oustside of Cubase. X__X
  5. FINALLY! Something HARDCORE on OCRemix! All I can say is, DOWNLOAD NOW.
  6. Sounds too sampled to be Italo Disco... Remember...it's Casio CZ-101, not Ensoniq EPS16+!
  7. This is an awesome mix, very very smooth. It sounds like something you'd hear in the background on the Weather Channel or like something from the Saturn version of Sonic 3D Blast. (Or, failing that, Event: The Base from Sonic Adventure 2, you know...the cutscene music with the vibes and everything.) Was this completely done in Propellerhead Reason? Some of those drums sound like they came from Native Insturments BATTERY 2, but it could also be a ReFill. I have no quarrels with the drum pattern (as DJP did) and I really have to compliment the E.Piano...easily the best E.Piano in a OC mix ever. Keep it up! (BTW someone should do a rock remix of SNES Starfox: Corneria with like real guitars and stuff...that would PWN.)
  8. MOTHERFUCKING AWESOME! Best Sonic 2 Mines mix ever, one of the best mixes EVER. BeatDrop, j00 r00lz!
  9. Let's get something straight: DJP and the judges are completely wrong. This is the most professional sounding mix on the site, as well as the most technically impressive and INNOVATIVE mix as far as I'm concerned. All this crap about "balance this", "lack of innovation that", is just that. Crap. Complete and utter bullshit. bLiNd, man, with mixes like this, you are going places. No, screw that. YOU ARE MAKING THE PLACES. Bottom Line: If you like techno, you are obligated by the higher powers to download this mix immediately. If you do NOT like techno, you have 24 hours to repent and change your damn dirty ways, buttmonkey.
  10. That sucks. This rocks: http://www.bubandbob.com:82/fanart/kattywampus/ska.mid or for those of you without decent wavetable cards: http://www.bubandbob.com:82/music/Puzzle%20Bobble-More%20Caffeine!%20Ska%20Remix%20-%20Kattywampus%20and%20Tatsu.mp3
  11. OMFG. This mix is one of the pinnacles of mixing. I've never played the game before, but I've downloaded the original .MOD soundtrack, this mix completely does the original justice. This is my favorite style of music (hardcore) and DAMN! THIS MIX KICKS ASS! I'm on DSL here at school, I'll have to download it at home on 56K, but hell, it's worth it! DOWNLOAD NOW!
  12. Cool mix, best orchestra samples I've heard yet next to The Wingless's Corneria mix...but when the mix hits 0:28 it sounds like a buildup to a newsanchor on CNN. Great mix though, if I had to go on a time-travel adventure, I'd do it to this.
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