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  1. When I first saw the picture for Kindom Hearts on the page I literally thought "Be still my beating heart!". I was a little apprehensive of DLing it at first, because I didn't want the first KH mix to be a let down. But my Fears were unfounded, because I really enjoyed this mix. it's very well arranged, and has a great feel to it. the only criticism I have is that it sounds too Midi'ish (for lack of a better word). Had this been performed by a live orchestra, it would have sounded perfect. all in all a great mix though. I'm glad KH is finally getting some of the massive ammount of attention it deserves.
  2. Very groovy. I love it. If you punch up the bass it's almost orgasmic ^.^
  3. Very to get my groove on with this music. but one thin is disturbing me though, during the saxaphone solo it almost sounds like it is made for a porno...0_o edit: Can't... stop... listening... Too... addictive...
  4. HANDS DOWN one of my top 5 remixes here... provokes nostalgia, AND does it with class! good work my friend!
  5. This remix is way too addictive... I love it, but after three days of having it repeating in my head it started to get annoying. Mazedude, you did well... too well...