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  1. fuck yeah dude, hot shit. Very well done. There should be more people going this route with remixes... i.e. really doing something different from the original. Electronica/techno can be cool, but it's nice to know some people appreciate other genres and are willing to put the effort into really transforming a piece of music into something new. Ken's song is excellent. It is really difficult to take something excellent and change it very significantly and still end up with something excellent. Big up Joe, you're a remix pimp.
  2. I think the percussion kind adds a little something to the mix. It might have been better to do some longer reverb/maybe a little hiss distortion on it or maybe do a reverse bass effect on it. Without the drum in there, it's basically just the original song with some extra stuff in it. The beat is kind of cheesy to have all the way through given that this is a 5:30 length piece... it would have been hottt (triple t hot) to have some kind of crescendo in it and then drop that cheesy bass in for a minute or so, but I think just the straight up kick gets old pretty quick. Overall, though, I liked it =)
  3. dude that game was so easy.... play ninja gaiden for NES for a while and you'll see what I mean lol
  4. Well then there's really no point in telling you now is there? Congratulations! Guess you can just sit back and enjoy a nice bowl of "Horrible Frozen Cheerios" now. Oh but there has been an on-line rave about speed-runs through Super Metroid. How fast can YOU beat it? The third time I beat the game (back in god knows when), I did it in just over 2 hours with something like a 90% collection rating without breaking a sweat, so I can only imagine there are some pretty absurdly fast times out there